Bird flu found on the 3rd Indiana turkey farm

Avian influenza strains were found on the third commercial turkey farm in southern Indiana, state officials said Thursday.

According to the Indiana State Animal Health Commission, laboratory tests of commercial turkey herds in Greene County have returned, presumably positive for the virus. Samples have been validated at the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa.

The The previous two cases It was in the adjacent Dubois County.

Pending test results should indicate if the virus is the same as the virus Previous case If the virus is highly pathogenic.

A High mortality rate It led to a test on the third farm. Authorities have begun to euthanize birds on farms to prevent the spread of the disease.

The third 10-kilometer (6.2 mile) circle farm Located in the north of Green and Daviess County. According to the Board, a herd of 10 commercial poultry in the new controlled area is under quarantine and will be inspected regularly.

Animal Health Commission staff said they had contacted known hobby / backyard poultry owners in the new controlled area to schedule bird inspections there.

Officials said bird flu did not raise immediate public health concerns and there were no human cases. bird influenza Virus detected in the United States

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, turkey infection is the first confirmation of highly pathogenic avian influenza in US commercial poultry since 2020.

According to the Animal Health Commission, a bird flu outbreak in Dubois County in January 2016 affected 11 poultry farms and killed more than 400,000 birds.

Indiana ranks third in the country for turkey production.

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Bird flu found on the 3rd Indiana turkey farm

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