BirdLife Cyprus sees a surge in “worries” about migratory bird killings

In the photo released by BirdLife Cyprus on April 16, 2014, the Eastern Olivaceous War was caught in a mist net.

Conservation group Bird Life Cyprus accused authorities of reducing fines for killing protected species on Wednesday, reporting a “worrisome increase” in the capture of illegal birds last year.

“This is not surprising after the Cyprus Bird Conservation Act received shameful relaxation in December 2020,” the group said in a statement.

Over the past two decades, we have systematically monitored bird capture levels in the British military base areas of the Republic of Cyprus and the Mediterranean islands.

A report in the fall of 2021 showed that the level of catch by so-called “mist nets” in the study area increased significantly compared to 2020.

Autumn is the time when captives target migratory birds, especially the blackcaps and other migratory birds.

At the end of last year, mist net activity was barely visible and designed to entangle birds, but was 132% higher than in the fall of 2020.

In Dekeria, the UK base area, mist net activity increased by 46% from 2020.

Last year’s increase was similar to the last four years, but significantly lower than the peak of the 2016 capture season, when 2.3 million songbirds were killed.

“Troublesome tendency”

“These recorded capture levels correspond to just over 600,000 birds that could have been illegally captured and killed. autumn 2021 within the study area, “Bird Life Cyprus said.

  • A

    A photo taken in 2017 in the British Sovereign base area of ​​Dekeria, Cyprus, shows a “mist net” similar to the one used by captives to illegally capture migratory birds.

  • A red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) is caught in a limestick bird trap and is shown in a photo published by BirdLife Cyprus at Septem.

    A red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio), shown in a photo released by BirdLife Cyprus on September 27, 2013, was caught in a limestick bird trap.

  • Poachers used speakers to bark birds and attract and capture moving blackcap birds.

    Poachers used speakers to bark birds and attract and capture moving blackcap birds.

“This growing trend of annoying capture activities comes after a series of retrograde steps at the policy level that sent the general message of decriminalizing bird capture.”

The fine, reduced from € 2,000 to € 200, states that “it is not deterrent or disciplinary and is clearly not proportional to the profits of selling these birds illegally.”

The Illegal transactions With migratory birds bird It has been illegal for decades, but is estimated at € 15 million a year. Critics blame loose enforcement.

In a letter to the Government of Cyprus last October, the European Commission expressed concern and urged Nicosia to invalidate the amendment and restore the fine from € 2,000.

“The state’s purpose should be to protect and conserve our natural heritage, starting with the revival of strict and deterrent legislation,” the group said.

“Cyprus is very likely to be taken to the EU Court of Justice for inadequate protection. Migratory bird, As highlighted in the Commission’s letter. ”

Cyprus bird catch hits hit record lows, NGOs say

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BirdLife Cyprus sees a surge in “worries” about migratory bird killings

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