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Houston, Texas-Prairie View A & M University graduates want to bridge the gap between girls and women in STEM colors.

Chemist Kristen Wells-Lewis has created an educational kit aimed at exposing young black girls to science, technology, engineering and math and teaching them about STEM’s unique impact on the cosmetics industry.

“When I was struggling with organic chemistry, I remember telling one professor that all the cosmetics you wear, all the products you use, it’s organic chemistry. Wells Lewis said. “And since it ignited for the first time in me, there are so many scientific paths in our daily lives.”

Her kit, called Black to the Lab, includes hands-on activities with experimental equipment such as goggles and beakers. In each activity, let the girl see what you need to create your favorite cosmet products, such as lip gloss, body scrubs, and lotions.

“Our STEM activity kit includes two cosmetic chemistry activities,” says Wells-Lewis. “It also includes lab notebooks so that kids can follow. And you have your instructions for each activity. And you have you practice your vocabulary. I have a game in between to help. “I’m a scientist. I’m preparing to create something.” And the idea that I can take these materials and edit them and I I have a formula. And when it’s all over, you’ll get the two products you created. “

Wells Lewis states that the main goal of the kit is to encourage more girls to explore their careers in the STEM field. For more information, please visit: blacktothelab.com..

Black to the Lab-ABC7 New York

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