Blake Shelton rages fiancé Gwen Stefani

Country crooners over fiancée Gwen Stefani , I even called my fellow singers “Icons!” While talking about work together.Check out other sweets Blake Shelton I had to say about his important others!

The two have been a couple for the past five years, but their relationship feels like it’s just getting started.

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This is especially true when Blake and Gwen collaborate on new music.

In an interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, Blake was enthusiastic about working with him on a duet at Happy Anywhere last year.

He recalled, “I sent a message to the writers and took a video such as’Wow, if you see Gwen Stefani singing your song now, you’ll get angry’.” You can see what I’m saying, right? And they were crazy.

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He went on to say, “I know it should be very emotional and personal when we go into work mode, but when I work with her, I’m still shocked by the fans. It’s the mode you’re receiving. “

As you may know, Gwen can surprise Blake’s audience at a concert and suddenly appear on stage. Blake said he loves to see their reaction.

“She has been on stage several times, but if she attends any of my concerts, I plan and always keep it low. And” Nobody But You. Or “Go Ahead And Break My Heart”, I sing it and die from the stage until the moment hits. The people on the setlist are when Gwen Stefani leaves here. I’m going to take a seat at. It’s like a child on Christmas morning. It’s like when I work with her. It’s really exciting, “Blake was furious. Very sweet!

Blake Shelton rages fiancé Gwen Stefani

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