Bloody Sunday 2022: VP Kamala Harris to commemorate the anniversary of the attack in Selma defines the moment of US voting rights

Selma, Alabama-Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Alabama on Sunday. This is because the country represents a decisive moment in the battle for voting rights.

Harris is traveling to Selma, Alabama to commemorate the 57th anniversary of “Blood Sunday,” which attacked a black electoral march in 1965 trying to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The country’s first female vice president, and the first African-Americans and Indian-Americans who played that role, speak in what is often referred to as the Sanctuary in the battle for the right to vote for minority citizens.

On March 7, 1965, state legislators beat and shed tear gas on peaceful demonstrators, including young activist John Lewis, who later became a member of Georgia state legislature. The image of violence shocked the country and helped revitalize its support for the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Her visit to the city, the birthplace of the Voting Rights Act, was due to the Democratic Party’s failure to update the groundbreaking law and pass additional steps to make it easier for people to vote.

Named after Lewis, who died in 2020, the law is part of an extensive election package that collapsed in the US Senate in February.

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Democratic majority leader Steny Hoyer, who visited Alabama during a parliamentary pilgrimage that coincides with the anniversary, said some compromises could save the voting bill named after Lewis. He said he wanted.

“The John Lewis bill makes a lot of sense to us because many of us cooperated with the bill and John was the leader and inspiration,” Heuer said in an interview in Birmingham on Friday. rice field.

One of the 1965 U.S. Supreme Court’s 2013 U.S. Supreme Court requires certain states with a history of discrimination, primarily in the South, to obtain U.S. Justice Department approval before changing the way elections are conducted. I disabled the part.

Proponents of the termination of pre-approval stated that this requirement was necessary in the 1960s, but is no longer necessary. Voting activists have warned that the end of pre-approval is bolding the state to pass a new wave of voting restrictions.

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President Joe Biden used a small portion of the State of the Union address to renew his plea for Congress to take action.

“The most basic right in the United States is the right to vote, the right to count it, and it has been assaulted. New legislation to not only curb voting, but to overturn the entire election, state by state. Was passed, “said Biden.

Freedom to Vote: A radical law called the John R. Lewis Act sets pre-approval requirements and national standards for how elections run, such as making election days a national holiday and allowing early voting nationwide. Establish rules for resurrection and reorganization of standards.

The annual Bloody Sunday memorial is a regular stop for politicians to pay homage to the civil rights infantry and call for action.

Harris visits with a civil rights leader before speaking at the foot of the bridge. Named after a South Army general and the leader of the famous Ku Klux Klan, this bridge has become a permanent symbol of the civil rights movement.

Harris also participates in the iconic march of the annual event across the bridge.

Several other members of President Joe Biden’s administration will also be at the event, including Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge, Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, and Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Michael Regan. join.

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Bloody Sunday 2022: VP Kamala Harris to commemorate the anniversary of the attack in Selma defines the moment of US voting rights

Source link Bloody Sunday 2022: VP Kamala Harris to commemorate the anniversary of the attack in Selma defines the moment of US voting rights

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