BLUE alert issued to Patrick McDowell

NASSUA COUNTY, Fl. —Florida Blue Alert was issued today by Nassau County to Patrick McDowell. This was last seen in the area of ​​Callahan’s US301 and Sandyford Road.

He was finally seen wearing a black T-shirt, white undershirt, camouflage shorts and black shoes. McDowell has a tattoo on his left shoulder that says “Death Before Dishonor” and a tattoo on his right shoulder that says “EGA”.

Deputy Sheriff Josh Moyers, Deputy Sheriff of Nassau County, was shot deadly during a traffic outage and the search for Patrick McDowell continues.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that 35-year-old McDowell shot a 29-year-old Deputy Moyers just outside Jacksonville on Thursday. Moyers was shot in the head and back and taken to the hospital in crisis.

On Saturday, sheriffs announced the death of Moyers.
His family donated his organs and McDowell’s rewards were increased to $ 35,000.

BLUE alert issued to Patrick McDowell

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