Blue-green algae seen at Matracha Pass

Matt Racha

Slimy milky white water appears at Matt Racha Pass.

“It smells terrible,” said Jeff Boone.

Friends Boon and Sue McAfee went to Matracha on Wednesday looking for a fishing spot, but they found stinking water.

It does not stand out from the fishing pier. If you look at the water from above, you can see that the matt algae grow on the bottom of the matt ratchapath and it is milky white.

The algae in this case are likely to feed on nutrients from the septic tank and the Peace River, rather than being released from Lake Okeechobee.

“When my dad was a fisherman, this was a very clean estuary, full of oysters that help clean the water,” said Dr. Rick Bartson, a research scientist at the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation. ..

It goes without saying that the situation has changed since then. Bartleson tested the water quality of the Matlacha Pass and found different types of algae in the water.

“Algae cover the seagrass bed. The seagrass bed was part of the estuary function,” Bartson said.

This means that while marine life is fighting for oxygen in parts of the pass, it will be low on food.

“Oxygen-free or hypoxic conditions basically destroy ecosystems,” says Bartleson.

Meanwhile, people want the mass to disappear soon.

“Clean it up. Let’s clean it up so we can go fishing.”

Blue-green algae seen at Matracha Pass

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