Bobby Schmulda says he still feels like he’s in jail

The left and right rappers are calling for record labels because they aren’t happy with the deal. Today, rapper Bobby Schmulda has re-called Epic Records for taking him hostage in a deal he wants to drop. The’Hot N *** a’rapper wrote a long message saying that the situation made him feel like he was still behind the bar.

Bobby writes: “A 70-year-old woman runs my label. I love her so much, but I don’t want to let go. No matter what I do. I’ve signed with them since I was 19 years old. I was in jail for 6 years trying to get off the label before I got home. What is the name of the person in the industry who has been in jail for 6 years? “Bobby said: I continued to write. Just let me goo. “

Bobby referred in a post to Sylvia Rhone, CEO of 69-year-old Epic Records. He seems to have put an end to the situation, but the caption reveals that the post is not a call for help. He explained to the fans that the message was meant to understand why his music and career was extended.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Bobby has called Epic Records. Remember last December. He posted and deleted information that he did not control his music. Bobby isn’t the only wrapper calling the label. yesterday, NBA Young Boy I called Atlantic Records on Instagram for the first time in a few weeks and advised not to sign the artist.

What do you think of Bobby’s message, roommate?

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Bobby Schmulda says he still feels like he’s in jail

Source link Bobby Schmulda says he still feels like he’s in jail

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