Bolsonaro veto is expected for gambling regulations proposed in Brazil

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President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro According to a report shared by BNL Data, he revealed in an interview with news agency Veja that he was in contact with government officials on the gambling bill, but warned that he would not allow market regulation.

Bolsonaro admits that: And if it moves forward, I will reject the proposal. “

This statement raises concerns among supporters of the Brazilian government, which is driving industry regulation. Chief Chief Chirono Geira..

Earlier this month, Speaker of the House of Brazil Arthur Lira We have created a task force dedicated to gambling methods, including casinos, sports betting, bingo halls, online gambling, jogodobicho and more.

As a result, the proposed regulations being curtailed by the Michel Temer government will gain momentum. Originally aimed at getting parliamentary approval before 2022, Bolsonaro emphasized, “At this point, this is my opinion on gambling.”

He added: “For now, gambling represents a loss, not a win. In the unlikely event that the regulation is approved, there is an opportunity to exercise the veto. Congress can revoke the veto, but it is currently under discussion. What has been done is that I will exercise my veto. Period. “

The statement was issued after a hearing at the Parliamentary Assembly last week, where the chairman of the Instituto do Jogo Legal (IJL) Magno Jose – Also the editor of BNL data – began his speech with the conviction that “gambling in Brazil exists and is rooted in our culture”.

He states: “In Brazil, there is no legal gambling. [framework]There is also no public policy to deal with gambling addiction that bookmakers don’t want to create. Therefore, it is very important to include the subject in the project to be reassessed. “

Experts also said that Brazil’s overall gambling industry is worth about $ 13 billion, unregulated gambling is worth $ 5 billion overall, and licensed but not yet regulated sports betting. Reported that it is generating about $ 1.8 billion.

Under this framework, regulation will not only formalize at least 450,000 jobs, but will also create 200,000 new jobs. The state may collect $ 3.7 billion in taxes and $ 1.3 billion in donations from casinos, bingo halls, slots and online gambling.

Bolsonaro veto is expected for gambling regulations proposed in Brazil

Source link Bolsonaro veto is expected for gambling regulations proposed in Brazil

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