Boris Johnson reached the top but collapsed due to his flaws

Boris Johnson wanted to be like his hero Winston Churchill. This is a bigger character that has led Britain through times of crisis. He was overthrown by the crisis of his own creation, as a torrent of ethical claims swallowed his government and flooded him against his own party.

Johnson resigned on Thursday after a chorus of disapproval from within his own party became unbearable for him.

The move was criticized by investigators’ reports that Johnson was fined by police and allowed a rule-breaking party in his office while Britain was blocked during a coronavirus pandemic. It happened after the scandal.

Johnson urged his party and country to “advance” and focus on Britain’s struggling economy and Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, the defeats of two fierce special elections against Johnson’s Conservatives and allegations of sexual misconduct against party leaders have sealed the fate of politicians whose ability to survive scandals was legendary.

Johnson’s career has always been one of the extremes. He led the country during a global health crisis that left Britain out of the European Union and endangered his own life, but collapsed after ignoring the restrictions he imposed in response to COVID-19. rice field. Political party exposure at 10 Downing Street office in Johnson caused anger and conservative patience against unstable leaders who won the elections when the country was blocked in 2020 and 2021. I tested.

An investigation by senior civil servant Sue Gray criticized the Johnson government’s “leadership and judgment failure” for allowing multiple rule-breaking rallies in 2020 and 2021. Dozens of people, including the Prime Minister, his wife Carrie Johnson and the Treasury, have been fined by police. Chifrisi snacks.

This seems to have been the last blow to the career of one of the most divisive politicians the UK has ever known. Compassionate biographer Andrew Gimson called Johnson “the man who undertakes the founding and wins.” But for former MP Rory Stuart, who was unsuccessful against Johnson as a Conservative leader in 2019, he was “probably the best liar ever as prime minister.”

Johnson’s choice as a conservative leader and prime minister in July 2019 ended the roller coaster journey to the top. He held major positions, including the Mayor of London and the British Foreign Minister, but also spent his time as a political bystander after self-harming.

In many cases, Alexander Boris Defefel Johnson was revoked as a lightweight that lacked the seriousness that leaders needed. He sometimes colluded with that impression and raised the image of a populist who spit out crumpled Latin with a blonde hair mop that he didn’t take very seriously. He once said he had as much chance of becoming prime minister as finding Elvis on Mars.

First elected to Congress in 2001, he traveled between journalism and politics for years and became well known as a newspaper columnist and guest on television comedy quizzes.

He sometimes made unpleasant remarks — calling on Papua New Guinea’s cannibals and comparing a Muslim woman wearing a veil over her face to a “letterbox” — which caused anger and he Shrugged as a joke.

His first big political post as Mayor of London between 2008 and 2016 fit his talent. He has made a name for himself worldwide as a cheerful ambassador to the city. This is an image illustrated when the Union Jack was hung in the air after being caught in a zipline at the 2012 London Olympics.

Critics have blown his support for projects of vainness, such as the rarely used cable car and the unconstructed “Garden Bridge” over the Thames, and warned that he was unreliable. As a young journalist, Johnson was fired by the Times in London for creating a quote. He was once recorded with a promise to give his friend the address of the journalist his friend wanted to be beaten. He was dismissed from a senior Conservative position for lying about extramarital negotiations.

As a correspondent in Brussels for The Daily Telegraph, he specialized in the exaggerated story of EU waste and ridiculous red tape.

Historian Max Hastings, a former boss of Johnson’s Telegraph, later called him “a surprisingly talented man who is flawed in his lack of conscience, principles, or scruples.”

It was Brexit that gave Johnson a great opportunity. Johnson’s co-leadership in the campaign to withdraw Britain from the European Union helped the “withdrawal” side secure a slight victory in the 2016 referendum.

His bullish energy was essential to victory. So critics said it was a lie in the campaign — it could be used instead for the UK National Health Service, like the false claim that Britain sent £ 350m a week to the EU. money.

Brexit’s vote was a victory for Johnson, but he didn’t immediately become prime minister. Theresa May won the Conservative Leadership Contest and took the top spot.

Johnson had to watch for three years as May struggled to secure a divorce agreement that was acceptable to both Brock and the British Parliament. When she failed, Johnson’s promise to “achieve Brexit” won him the job of prime minister. In December 2019, he secured the Conservative Party with the largest parliamentary majority since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

The first few months after his inauguration were at a loss. Parliamentarians resisted his Brexit plan and he suspended Congress — until the British Supreme Court ruled the move illegal. Opponents said it was another example of Johnson’s rule violation and ignorance of the law.

Johnson achieved his goal of leaving the UK on January 31, 2020, after being delayed several times by the departure date. Despite Johnson’s slogan, Brexit was far from “complete.” Northern Ireland’s status, a source of ongoing friction between Britain and Brock.

And a pandemic occurred. Johnson initially seemed relaxed about the threat the new coronavirus poses to the UK and hesitated to impose restrictions on mobility and business activities.

He changed course, imposed a blockade in late March 2020, and a few days later spent several nights in the intensive care unit at a hospital in London, infected with COVID-19. He later stated that it was “touch and go” whether or not to wear a ventilator.

Johnson’s response to the pandemic has clearly collected a variety of reviews. An essentially laissez-faire politician, he was outraged at having to impose restrictions and rushed to talk early on that the pandemic was over within a few weeks.

The United Kingdom was one of the highest coronavirus deaths in Europe and had some of the longest blockades. But the government correctly understood one big thing. It is to invest early in the development and purchase of vaccines and provide doses to the majority of the population.

The success of the vaccination boosted Johnson’s polls, but his problems were growing. He faced allegations about money from the conservative donors he used to renovate his official apartment. And when the government tried to change the rules of Congress after a member was found guilty of illegal lobbying, he was hit by a big backlash.

The last straw came when details of the party held at Johnson’s Downing Street office and home were revealed while the country was blocked.

The details were sometimes cartoons — supporters claim that staff smuggled liquor into Downing Street in a suitcase and Johnson was “crushed by a cake” at a surprise birthday party. But the anger they caused was real. Millions of Britons couldn’t follow the rules to visit friends and family or even say goodbye to relatives who died in the hospital.

In the past, voters were “well aware of Johnson’s flaws, but this did not diminish the popularity of his elections,” said Hannah Banting, a lecturer at the University of Exeter, who studied public confidence in politicians. “.

She said the party’s allegations changed it because people “can compare their actions with him.” “Most of us complied with government regulations because we thought it would benefit everyone. We made sacrifices to ensure the safety of people.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 allowed British politicians and the media to focus more urgently. It brought a pardon from domestic suffering to Johnson, who won international praise for his military, financial and moral support for Ukraine. He traveled to Kieu twice to meet his credible and welcoming ally, President Volodymyr Zelensky.

However, the defeat in the June 2022 special election (the defeat in the district that voted for the Conservatives for a century) returned to the Conservatives, whose anger at the “partisan” remained.

Shortly thereafter, Johnson was found changing his story in a way that handled allegations of sexual misconduct by senior members of his government. The number of ministers who defended Johnson thickly and thinly has finally reached a sufficient number. They quit the government in large numbers, and Johnson was forced to resign.

Johnson’s miraculous escape execution is finally over.

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Boris Johnson reached the top but collapsed due to his flaws

Boris Johnson reached the top but collapsed due to his flaws

Source link Boris Johnson reached the top but collapsed due to his flaws

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