Boynton Beach 5th Biennale Kinetic Art Exhibition

A heart with an arrow that rotates in the wind. A running metal horse. A huge butterfly feather that flaps when you make a wish.

These are some of the stunning indoor and outdoor kinetic art pieces on display at 5.th Biennial Kinetic Art Exhibition Presented by Boynton Beach Art City in Public Places from Saturday, March 6thth Until Sunday, March 7thIn downtown Boynton, East Ocean Avenue, a newly renovated cultural center with large sculptures entails more entertainment and other exhibits.

“This year’s memorable event will be fun for the whole family at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, in addition to the opportunity to showcase outdoor and indoor artwork, live music, food and exhibits of kinetic artwork for children. In addition, the newly refurbished Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center will be exhibiting and exhibiting, with live performances on the city’s new state-of-the-art outdoor stage, “says Mayor Lori La Verriere.

As the first major event at the newly refurbished 4,000-square-foot cultural center, a three-day exhibition of dynamically inspired works is an area where masks can safely welcome 130 people at a time. It will be held at.

“The cities of Florida create unique art events that inspire interest in cities and art,” says Glenweiss, public place manager for the city of Boynton Beach. “Miami Beach has Art Basel. Tampa has lights on Tampa. Jacksonville has Art Republic murals. Lakeland has Lemon Street sculptures. Boynton Beach is the only one in the world. Invented the ongoing Kinetic Art Biennale. What do Kinetic Art Need? … Sun and breeze. Both are abundant in South Florida. “

As for how the artists were chosen, they come from all over the world and from our backyard.

Some of the top national artists in the Kinetic Sculpture have been introduced, some of whom are based in Florida. Artists include Ron Agam and Joel Amit (Blue Gallery). Olga Duenas; Kimon Fotideis; Brookh Heart John Kill; Oliver Harrigon; (Harigon Fine Art); Marco Marler; Debbie Mostel Design; Kyle Poiser; Luisa Russo; Darren Miller; Frank Heider; Lloyd Goradeski; Ana Giovinazzo etc. Mobile phones, op art, and at least eight of Frank Haider’s huge double-sided inflatable heads will be on display.

The Town Square Boynton Beach Redevelopment Project by Ralfonso and Don Jalanella already has two new permanent works of public art. Both polished stainless steel engravings were completed in 2020.

“Reflections” are kinetic sculptures by Ralphonso sharing time between West Palm Beach and Geneva, Switzerland. The work “Reflections” by a world-famous dynamic sculptor is E. Ocean Ave. And at the corner of E. Seacrest Blvd. The 27-foot-high sculpture features 21 3-foot to 11-foot long bird-like wings that rotate in the wind. Made of polished stainless steel, it reflects nature during the day and is colorfully illuminated at night. The wings intersect and rotate like a wind tunnel, representing the diversity and unity of the city. The walls of the three Zen-shaped seats allow you to see the sculpture from different angles.

“Synesthesia” by Donald Jalanella of St. Petersburg is an intimate circular space of polished columns, sounds and lights. When you enter the space, you will hear a surprising sound like tuning a symphony. Thunder and lights flash like lightning in the clouds.

Outside is the new “Dream Machine” and “Healing Heart” by Rubem Lobby Elbow in Miami. Brazilian-born pop artist Robin Elb has worked with poetry, paintings, photography and sculpture to create fascinating and visually appealing works of art with strong symbolism and an underlying message. It was. At this year’s Kinetic Art Event, Robielb will be exhibiting with each piece using cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

No doubt to please the crowd, “The Mechanical Horse” runs in the wind Along Adrian Landon, Brooklyn. Adrian developed his first work in the New York area, created his first mechanical hose in 2014, and began presenting his work at home and abroad. In 2019, he received a reward from Burning Man to create the largest and largest sculpture ever, the giant mechanical Pegasus.

“Janis Project”, a familiar sight at art fairs throughout South Florida Frank hider Of Miami. Heider has participated in over 200 group shows and over 100 solo exhibitions in the Americas, Asia and Europe. His colorful inflatable head creates pop art Easter Island with multiple meanings.

“Let Love Guide Your Way” by Lloyd Goradeski of Hollywood harnesses the power of art to create social interactions and dialogue with innovative technologies combined with the unique use of materials. He incorporates natural elements such as sunlight, wind and rain into the environment to amplify the design and effectiveness of public art works. He has been well known for his giant floating gaiters in the bay with snap jaws made of rubber floating art tiles since 2013.

“Prairie Flame” With Decatur Darren Miller, Illinois explores the relationship between lines, shapes, and negative spaces as a dance manifesto that he applies to kinetic sculptures. His career as a machinist / metalmaker, pen and ink artist, avid windsurfer, and hobbyist Fiddler is a valuable tool to help him create unique and durable metal pieces.

“Magnify” is by Baltimore’s successful designer Kirk Seeds, who has worked on blockbuster movie sets, the HBO series, school classrooms, and countless homes and buildings across the country. He designed hundreds of thematic climbing walls and built and opened new gyms across the United States, making his 2D design a 3D reality.

“IPO004” is by Robert Kuhn of Vero Beach, a painter, sculptor and printer known for his brightly colored abstract metal sculptures.

If you are planning to attend and need more information, please visit www.boynton-beach.org/kinetic. All events are generally free. A mask is required to participate.

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Boynton Beach 5th Biennale Kinetic Art Exhibition

Boynton Beach 5th Biennale Kinetic Art Exhibition

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