Braces, sex pills, fake eyeballs in weird New Jersey beach trash

Long Branch, NJ-Volunteers picked up a record amount of trash from a beach in New Jersey last year. Plastic items dominated the haul, and there were strange cast-offs such as men’s reinforced pills, brace sets, and glowing in the dark. Condoms and Turkish Airlines sanitary kits are also on the beach.

The Clean Ocean Action Coastal Environment Group released its annual report on the results of the previous year’s beach sweeps on Wednesday. During the spring and fall 2021 cleanups, more than 10,000 volunteers picked up more than 500,000 items along the state’s 127 miles (204 km) coastline.

And some of them just scratched my head, even if I didn’t turn my stomach.

A mass of human hair. A set of dentures (“I told you not to bring your teeth to the beach!”); Strings; Used Nalcan kits (used to revive victims of drug overdose); Some marijuana Bag (empty, of course); A bullet casing and a fake eyeball were among the items picked up.

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There was also a parking violation ticket. Lottery; Glue stick; Mini fridge; Toilet brush; TV remote control; (hopefully) Mason jar filled with liquor. A set of plastic monkeys and rosary beads. Probably from someone who is praying for the cast of the character who left all this.

And someone found the message in the bottle.

Cindy Zipf, Executive Director of Clean Ocean Action, said:

Overall, 513,605 items were collected last year. This is the most common since the beach sweep began in 1985.

“It’s a shame to see it increase,” Zip said. “We continue to expect the numbers to go down, and strange things continue to get even stranger.”

Over 82% of total shipments were plastic items or pieces. Bottle caps and cup lids, like food and candy wrappers and bags, reached a record number of 69,454 at 58,589.

Cleanup data also identified seasonal changes in the type and amount of debris on New Jersey beaches. 67 of the 95 categories were significantly higher in the fall than in the spring, including dog trash bags. PET bottles; Smoking-related trash; Plastic food takeaway trash, and ice cream spoons or sticks.

There were fewer face masks in the fall than in the spring, but more than 3,600 discarded masks were left in the sand or washed away.

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Zipf said the Clean Ocean Action data helped claim that New Jersey has withheld a ban on most plastic bags and foam packaging in retail stores starting in early May. ..

The group used the 2019 full-year data for a more accurate comparison as the spring 2020 cleanup was canceled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Some items, such as discarded diapers (147, down 41%), showed a decrease during that period. Total of glassware (14,697, down 39%). 6 pack rings (275, 27% down); condoms (368, 27% down), and tampon applicators are locally called “Jersey Beach Whistles” (3,211, 18% down).

Want to do something stranger? There was also a part of the bowling ball. Rainbow striped women’s swimwear (which raises a fairly obvious question about someone coming home); highway traffic cones. Part of the windshield of a car. $ 1 check. A CD holder full of accordion and harmonica, and Limp Bizkit albums (probably the only example where littering is justified).

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Braces, sex pills, fake eyeballs in weird New Jersey beach trash

Source link Braces, sex pills, fake eyeballs in weird New Jersey beach trash

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