Brazil’s Amazon has recorded a minimum of September fires in 20 years

In this September 14, 2020 file photo, Shirasagi is flying over Kaiman’s bath on the banks of the nearly dry Bentgomes River in the Pantanal Wetlands near Poconé, Mato Grosso, Brazil. According to daily data released by the National Institute for Space Research in September 2021, the number of fires in the Amazon was more than half of the level recorded in September last year, and the amount of fires in the Pantanal Wetlands dropped sharply. Did. September is historically the worst month of forest fires in Brazil.Credits: AP Photo / Andre Penner, File

According to data from the National Institute for Space Research, the number of fires in the Brazilian Amazon in September was the lowest in 20 years.

September is historically the worst month in Brazil Forest fire And while the data are positive, environmental experts are wondering if this trend will be confirmed in the coming months.

According to data, the number of fires in Amazon was just over half of the level recorded last September. This helped push down national totals, along with a sharp decline in the amount of fires in the Pantanal Wetlands. The September fire receded to the lowest number of months since 2018, months before President Jail Bolsonaro took office.

Since taking office, Bolsonaro has dismissed global complaints about the destruction of the Amazon as a strategy to encourage development within the Amazon and thwart the country’s agribusiness. His administration also made the land acquirers bold, supporting legislative measures to undermine environmental authorities and loosen land protection.

More recently, in the face of criticism from US President Joe Biden’s administration and troubled institutional investors, he is trying to demonstrate increased environmental commitment. At the United Nations this month, he acknowledged his administration’s doubling efforts against the plunge in August’s Amazon deforestation warning after a year-on-year decline in July. The results for September will be announced next week.

Environmentalists have roundly dismissed his shift as dishonest, saying that deploying troops to the Amazon has no effect on conservation. The same result was found in last year’s Associated Press survey.

Márcio Astrini, Secretary-General of Climate Observatory, a network of environmental nonprofits, welcomed the September fire data, but before declaring the trend, especially given the still rising levels of deforestation. He said the numbers need to be lowered, at least until the end of the year. Limited enforcement.

“Government behavior in the Amazon is so weak that it’s hard to say that these changes will sustain them. Why are they?” Astrini said. “The government is not there, there is no oppression, so it depends on the will of those who are destroying and burning forests.”

Severe droughts and early data at the beginning of the wildfire season have raised widespread concern that this year’s flames will reach the same destruction recorded in the last two years.

However, Amazon’s rainfall in August was well above average. Ane Alencar, director of science at the Amazon Institute for Environmental Studies, said this was a major impediment to ranchers igniting felled trees in September.

In contrast, Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland, has changed its behavior since last year, with far fewer fires despite continued droughts and casks in the area, Allen Carr added. .. Fires have fallen by more than two-thirds in the first nine months of 2020, after last year’s explosion devastated the local tourism industry.

“Last year’s disaster helped people better organize this year’s firefighting and prevention,” Allen Carr said. “NS Economic loss Last year, by making people think more about their actions and forcing their peers, fire.. ”

August Amazon fire remains near highs under Bolsonaro

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Brazil’s Amazon has recorded a minimum of September fires in 20 years

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