Breakthrough comedy writer Anne Beatts dies at age 74

New York – Ambites, a former staff member of Saturday Night Live and a groundbreaking comedy writer who later created the cult comedy Square Peg, has died. She was 74 years old.

According to her best friend Rona Kennedy, Beats died Wednesday at her home in West Hollywood, California. Kennedy, a film producer and faculty member at Chapman University, didn’t immediately know the cause of death.

Since 1975, Beats has been a talented writer, including Rosie Shuster, Allans Weibel, Marilyn Susanne Miller, and cast members such as Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase who helped make “Saturday Night Live” a cultural phenomenon. I was one of the team.

In 1982, she developed her own series. At that time, it was a rare comedy in which Sarah Jessica Parker played an early breakthrough role, centered on teenage girls. The “Square Peg” lasted only one season, but was praised for its toppings, hoping for a teenage comedy that John Hughes would soon become famous for.


In 2020, New York Magazine’s Jen Chainy said, “This show also talks to teens with a common interest that makes young people feel like they’re being watched before Hughes’s film has a similar effect. It was done and it was very cool. ” Television at the time would have focused on Pac-Man addiction throughout the episode and the new wave-themed Bat Mitsuwa in which the actual band Devo played “That’s Good.” “

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Beats later attended McGill University and took an early break to write a National Lampoon comedy. Many future “Saturday Night Live” performers and writers worked there. Her other achievements included writing “Murphy Brown” and “Bleecker Street Bell”, producing “Another World”, and supporting the writing of the stage musical “Puck Leader”.

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Breakthrough comedy writer Anne Beatts dies at age 74

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