Brevard’s unemployment rate drops to 3.8% in September

The employment market in Brevard County continued to rise in September as the unemployment rate fell from 4.3% in August 2020 and 5.5% in September 2020 to 3.8%.

Breverd’s employment increased from 287,341 in August to 289,688 in September. And the number of unemployed decreased from 12,811 in August to 11,411 in September.

As the economy continued to recover from COVID-19-related temporary dismissals in the spring and summer of 2020, improvements were also seen across the state and across the country.

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Florida’s unemployment rate fell from 5.0% in August to 4.9% in September. The state-wide rate for September 2020 was 7.2%.

The national unemployment rate fell from 5.2% in August to 4.8% in September. The national rate in September 2020 was 7.8%.

Florida's Secretary of Economic Opportunity, Dane Eagle, advertised Florida's latest unemployment count, criticizing the planned federal government's COVID-19 vaccine obligations.

Florida’s Office of Economic Opportunity secretary, Dane Eagle, used a state-wide unemployment report released Friday to criticize the federal government for promoting vaccination mandates.

There are no data yet on the impact of planned vaccine obligations on federal contractor employees on the employment market. Federal contractors need to vaccinate everyone. Employees of private employers with at least 100 employees. Employees must be vaccinated or have a weekly COVID-19 test.

But at a press conference on Friday, Eagle said workers “if they let go because of their vaccination obligations, the number of unemployed will increase because they are currently in the unemployment sector, where there are no jobs associated with them.” Said. , Or they are completely discouraged and they are completely out of the workforce. “

Brevard’s unemployment rate drops to 3.8% in September

Source link Brevard’s unemployment rate drops to 3.8% in September

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