Brevered COVID-19 surge causes a wave of infections and concerns

The highly contagious COVID-19 delta mutant has created a new wave of infection in Brevard County, raising anxiety among doctors and some civil servants.

“We are on the rise,” said Dr. Jeffrey Starnaker, Chief Clinical Officer at HealthFirst.

Due to the significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Brevard County, local health authorities have urgently urged unvaccinated residents to be vaccinated without delay.

They also urge the entire community to take personal safety measures, such as social distance, frequent hand washing, and wearing face covers in crowded areas, to limit the spread of this potentially deadly virus. I am.

After the vaccine became widely available earlier this year, the daily census of COVID-19 patients occupying beds in HealthFirst’s four Brevard hospitals dropped dramatically to about 20 per day, Stalnaker said. Said. The number was stable for a few months.

However, since early June, delta variants have been steadily increasing, with the number of cases surged to 98 by Wednesday. About 30% are in the intensive care unit.

The sudden and dramatic increase in the number of infections raises concerns among some civil servants, especially those with employees who are at the forefront of responding to illness.

A nurse from the Florida Department of Health in Brevard will give Burmadi the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in the parking lot of Jimmy's Restaurant in Frontenac on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Palm Bay Fire Chief Leslie Hoog sent an email titled “Emergency-COVID” to Mayor Sae Yamamoto and Human Resources Director Charina Cox.

Hoog said the fire department medical officer was “very distraught and was asked to warn him to mask immediately,” and said the COVID-19 number was out of control. She also mentioned the risks posed by another COVID-19 strain known as the lambda variant.

Brevered COVID-19 surge causes a wave of infections and concerns

Source link Brevered COVID-19 surge causes a wave of infections and concerns

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