Brian Geragh and Anja Savcic tell a twisted love story between Ronald and Scarlett on ABC’s “Big Sky”

New York-Ronald and Scarlet remain kidnapped and hidden in ABC’s “Big Sky.”

They are captured on the ranch of Wolfgang, Rick Legalski’s twin brother.

Brian Geraghty (Ronald) and Anja Savcic (Scarlet) say it’s great to work again with John Carroll Lynch (Wolfgang, Rick Legalski) after his character Rick was killed. say.

“I love attending this show and it’s great to work with Brian. We have a really good atmosphere together. And now Romi and John are with us. It’s a really good time in a small ranch that’s set and we’re a little further away, “Savcic said.

Geraghty said the sudden appearance of the same twin brothers was not very soap opera.

“I think they were trying to find a way to bring him back honestly. I think they could feel his absence and as we came to know and love this character, people would say it I really felt it was a little premature. I had to keep Ronald in episodes 6, 7 or whatever. ” “So, no, I think their way was a lot of fun, especially for John, because he was able to play a completely different character than his brother.”

Viewers may wonder where Scarlett’s children are. She said Scarlet was a very smart and fierce woman, and that information hasn’t come yet, so the horizon from her is still a surprise.

When the season first began, people might be surprised to see the appearance of Ronald’s new farm. That’s one of the many he had while at the show. But Geraghty revealed his favorite.

“I think one of my favorites was when I decided to dye my hair black to avoid the police. I love it. I thought it was cheerful and ridiculous,” he said. rice field. “Oh yeah, just dyeing my hair black, no one knows who I am.”

The newcomer to the cast this season is Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who is best known for her role in The Sopranos. She plays the waitress “Tonya” in a local canteen and is the girlfriend of a man involved in dangerous drug trafficking.

Interestingly, one of Geraghty’s first roles was to play “Counterboy” in “The Sopranos”.

“I was able to meet her. I met them because they were reading a big table when I was in The Sopranos. I was reading a big table at Queens with Italian sandwiches and so on. I remember getting on the subway. God in 1998, not long ago, I remember the kids were there and she was one of them, “he said.

However, their story has not yet converged and neither has their time set.

“But no, we’ve never met each other on the set and I’m a guest in the role of the day, so I’m not sure if she remembers me,” Geraghty said.

Tonya was recently kidnapped at the end of Episode 2 and Jenny and Kathy were enthusiastic about the trail. Gerati and Savic said they didn’t want to miss Ronald and Scarlett’s next appointment.

“Expect a very creepy, mysterious and thrilling moment on this ranch,” says Savcic. “There are many from now on.”

“Big Sky” will air on Thursday at 10 pm EDT on ABC. The episode will be available on demand on Hulu the day after its premiere.

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Brian Geragh and Anja Savcic tell a twisted love story between Ronald and Scarlett on ABC’s “Big Sky”

Source link Brian Geragh and Anja Savcic tell a twisted love story between Ronald and Scarlett on ABC’s “Big Sky”

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