Brian Laundry Lawyer Stephen Bertolino’s TV Explosion: “I’m Angry, Angry”

People outside the Laundry House were screaming and making noise while the family was saddening their son. Brian Laundrie, Their lawyer told the news channel on Thursday.

Stephen Bertolino blames the media, protesters, and the general public in an interview with the news channel NewsNation Immediately after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Confirmed Brian Laundry’s death on Thursday.

Bertolino said he was upset and angry because there were still people outside the laundry house.

“I’m upset and angry and for the past four hours I call it nonsense,” he said.

Laundry interested in the murder of a former fiancé Gabby PetitoGot missing four days after leaving his family’s house on September 13th last month.

NS The FBI confirmed that skeletal humans remainFound in My Oak Kahatch Creek Environmental Park and the nearby Carlton Reserve, was Mr. Laundry’s.

The bone was found near the swamp where his notebook and backpack were found a day ago.

Previous searches by law enforcement officers in the reserve have not paid off.

Michael McPherson, a special agent in charge of the FBI’s Tampa field office, said on Wednesday that these items were found in areas that were “underwater until recently.”..

Item found when two law enforcement officers went together Laundry’s parents Chris and Roberta To My Oak Kahatch Creek Environmental Park.

Laundry found a white bag, while executives found a backpack and notebook.

Earlier, Bertolino told CNN in a meeting with police on September 17 that the area where the body was found was “the very area of ​​the park that first notified law enforcement.”

Mr. Bertolino Rejected allegations of laundry planting ashes There are “bull ****”, “worse”, and “madness”.

“If you have an FBI, a local PD, an independent news reporter, and you’re seeing the same thing at the same time, there’s 24/7 laundry unquoted surveillance by protesters and the press, these items. When did you think it was planted? “

Bertolino began representing Laundry in mid-September, saying he only knew their son as a child of a friend.

Brian Laundry Lawyer Stephen Bertolino’s TV Explosion: “I’m Angry, Angry”

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