Brian Laundry Search Returns to Florida Swamps “Gator and Snake Infestation”

Florida law enforcement agencies will resume their search for a “large and relentless” nature reserve near Brian Laundry’s home a week later on Tuesday. The last person of interest to be missing was seen..

Northport Police spokesman Josh Taylor said WFLA Search activity in Carlton Reserve continues after multiple agencies search over the weekend Could not find traces of Mr. Laundry..

“Monday weekend ground and aerial surveys of 25,000 acres of reserves haven’t answered yet, but we have to push forward,” Taylor said.

Most of the reserves are underwater and full of dangerous wildlife, Taylor added.

“Note that the Carlton Reserve can be a vast and relentless place. Many areas are now submerged to the waist.

“This is a dangerous task for the search crew as they walk in crocodile and snake infested swamps, submerged hiking and cycling trails.”

Laundry told his parents that he would leave his family’s home last Tuesday and go hiking in the Carlton Reserve.

He was reported missing on Friday after police went to his house to talk to his parents.

His Ford Mustang car was found to have been parked near the reserve and was later returned to his parents’ home before being seized by police.

FBI Agent and Northport Police Execution of search warrant at laundry house on Monday.

Investigators resume search for Brian Laundry


The 23-year-old was named an “interested person” last week after her girlfriend Gabby Petit disappeared during a cross-country “van life” tour.

The ruins that seem to belong to Mr. Petite Found in Grand Teton National Park Wyoming on Sunday. The autopsy is scheduled to be completed on Tuesday.

The investigation will be conducted by several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Sarasota County Security Office, Sarasota Police Station, Venice Police Station, and K9 Investigative and Rescue Team, Taylor said.

Authorities have expanded Mr. Laundry’s search across several states.

There were some Unidentified sightings of Mr. Laundry in Alabama In the last few days.

Brian Laundry Search Returns to Florida Swamps “Gator and Snake Infestation”

Source link Brian Laundry Search Returns to Florida Swamps “Gator and Snake Infestation”

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