Brian Laundry’s death shouldn’t be angry for us in the Gabby Petito case

NS FBI On Thursday, a human corpse investigator Florida The park Brian LaundrieEnd a week-long manhunt that has consumed the attention of Internet detectives, true criminal obsessives, and real law enforcement agencies. My honest reaction?

who cares?

Laundry was suspected of killing his fiancée Gabby Petito, The death was determined to be a murder by manual strangulation. If Laundry was really guilty, would we see his death as justice? Or does it mean that he evaded justice if he was formally charged, convicted, and died before being sentenced? Did you deny it? Is it important?

I never tried to talk for Petite’s family and loved ones. But for me, and what I argue, is the rest of the Internet, which is otherwise unaffiliated.

If the mass public attention created by Petite’s murder served its purpose, it would create a window to the dangerous reality of domestic violence, violence against women, and police indifference. It prompted an important conversation about who the disappearing society considers to be noteworthy and who we are happy to ignore.

But the moment we look at the fate of her murder suspect from the victim, we abandon important conversations and create funny dramas from individual tragedy. What’s happening in the laundry right now isn’t important to anyone who isn’t personally involved in the murder. Importantly, what the laundry did when Petite was still alive.

Perhaps if Laundry turned out to be alive and was officially charged with her murder, it would have been an opportunity for the judiciary to confront its own flaws and begin to take violence against women more seriously. But I doubt it. It was likely that it would only continue to spiral into cheap entertainment on Court TV, and Petito would still be dead. It will not correct this. I would rather focus on other things — to other missing and murdered women who do not publish nightly news. To a police officer who was unable to protect her in the face of a domestic conflict between Laundry and Petite. To several other unclaimed human corpse investigators found while searching for Laundry.

But there’s another, perhaps stronger, and certainly darker reason I don’t want to worry about Laundry’s found bodies. I’m worried that his death will somehow mitigate Petite’s influence. I’m worried that it could cause him sympathy and encourage Romeo and Juliet to frame it as “tragedy for everyone.” This is not the story of two unstable and mentally ill young people whose roller coaster relationships have died from each other. The real story is much more mundane, because of all the enthusiastic attention it has gained. Someone, perhaps her fiancé, strangled the woman by hand.

Domestic violence is often given a “two-sided” framing that is described as “noisy” or “rough.”But men are rarely killed their Intimate partner. NS Violence Policy Center According to a survey, 9 out of 10 women killed by men in the United States in 2018 knew the murderer, and 63% were wives or intimate partners.Study published by BBC Similar results were seen in England and Wales, where the majority of female victims knew the murderer, usually an intimate partner.And feminist writer Moira Donegan Parents, Half of the victims of domestic violence are strangled at some point. When the abuser strangles the victim, he is 10 times more likely to do so again and 8 times more likely to kill her.

In addition to Perverted online forums to support laundry Already on Reddit, other commenters on the Internet have begun to talk about the couple’s “unstable” relationship. 1 Twitter user Those who seemed to believe that Laundry was innocent said the couple was “always unstable” and “creepy.” Report shows A park ranger who responded to a call for domestic violence told Petite that her relationship seemed “toxic.”Said Laundry lawyer, “This is a tragic event. The sequence of events at this point destroyed two families, lost two young lives, and it’s just a tragedy.” many others Have got Said NS same..

Petito had no real justice. If I sound angry, it’s because I’m angry. It may be cruel to say, or my anger may just be talking, but here it is: I don’t care that Brian Laundry is dead.

Brian Laundry’s death shouldn’t be angry for us in the Gabby Petito case

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