“Bridgerton” is on the way home with more dramas in a new season 2 trailer

Roommate, “Lady Whistle Down,” and her crew are back for more confusion and drama in the second season of the Netflix hit. “BridgertonIn just over a month, one of Netflix’s biggest hits is back, and the trailer for Season 2 of the fan-popular drama “Bridgerton” has just fallen, so fans are now making their first look. increase.

A little over a year ago, Netflix and Shonda Rhimes released “Bridgerton,” and within a few hours the series was released. Instant hit With both fans and critics. Fortunately, after waiting patiently, Season 2 is just around the corner, giving fans a sigh of relief. With the official trailer for the show’s second season just released, a simple sneak peak doesn’t make much sense, but it’s definitely enough to keep guessing:

The new trailer promises to be a central stage in Season 2 with hints of romance between “Anthony Bridgerton” (Jonathan Bailey) and the new character “Kate Sharma” (Simone Ashley). doing. However, the popular character “Lady Whistledown” will continue to be the anonymous town of Gossipper, who recorded all of the drama that will continue. The second season of “Bridgerton” will premiere on March 25th.th..

As previously reported, fans of the show are full when it is confirmed that RegĂ©-Jean Page, the season 1 breakout star who played the Duke of Hastings “Simon Bassett”, will not return to the show in additional seasons. I was saddened by. Shonda Rhimes said in her interview that he asked the page if he would return as a guest in Season 2, following a fierce backlash over the news of his departure. And he politely declined. Run this one lovely story, this closed-end storyline. I’m good! “

Meanwhile, according to Rhimes, the show can last at least eight seasons, which is equivalent to the number of siblings in the show, so more “Bridgerton” needs to be prepared.

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“Bridgerton” is on the way home with more dramas in a new season 2 trailer

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