Bridgerton: Why was Ruby Stokes Francesca recast?

when “Bridgerton“Return for Its 3rd and 4th season, It will be a brand new face in the family. Hannah Dodd, recently seen in “Anatomy of Scandals,” replaces Ruby Stokes in the role of Francesca. Bridgertonaccording to deadline.. What’s behind this cast change? It all turned out to result in scheduling issues.

The recast will take place shortly after two consecutive seasons in which Francesca has only appeared in a few episodes. Stokes was absent for most of the second season because of her commitment to the next Netflix thriller, Lockwood & Co, in which she plays the leading role. “I love Francesca, but I lost her in the middle of Season 2,” said showrunner Chris Van Dusen. TVLine.. “Unfortunately, after running out of all the other options, she had to go out for a reason we couldn’t control. Perhaps Season 3 would be attractive.”

But after all, juggling two shows at once doesn’t seem to be included on the Stokes card. It makes sense that a shift will occur at this point in progress.Bridgerton“The story. Francesca is too young to play many roles in the first few episodes, Her own story is approaching Quite quickly on the show timeline.Francesca is the star of the sixth book Julia Quinn’s romance novel seriesWhen he was wickedHowever, the story is set for several years in Franceska’s adulthood. Her social debut and her first marriage are mostly covered in flashbacks and the first few chapters of the book. If the TV show is relatively close to the book timeline.

It certainly makes sense that the TV show needs to be recast with an actress with more schedule availability, as Francesca needs to play a big role right away. I can’t wait to see Dodd take over this fan’s favorite character. It’s also exciting to see Stokes in the limelight as the lead in her own series!

Bridgerton: Why was Ruby Stokes Francesca recast?

Source link Bridgerton: Why was Ruby Stokes Francesca recast?

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