Britain competes to test and vaccinate as virus variants threaten plans

London – Britain received military support on Saturday to door-to-door visits to coronavirus tests in two northern England towns to contain rapidly expanding variants that threaten plans to lift all blockade restrictions next month Deployed public health authorities.

Cases of the first strain identified in India more than doubled in a week, countering the sharp nationwide decline in infectious diseases gained through months of restrictions and rapid vaccination campaigns. The government’s scientific adviser states that the variant is likely to be more contagious than the UK’s predominant strain, but the extent is unknown.

“With a significant increase in virus infectivity, we are likely to face difficult choices,” Boris Johnson said in a press conference on Friday. “We need to level with you that this can cause serious disruption to our progress.”

He said the next phase of the blockade mitigation would take place on Monday as planned, but on June 21 he would delay plans to lift all restrictions, including social distance and face-covering rules. I warned that it might be.


According to Johnson, soldiers will help conduct “surge tests” in Bolton and Blackburn, northwest England. There was also a pop-up vaccination site set up to speed up the vaccination drive.

The government’s scientific advisory board states that there is currently no evidence that this variant causes more serious illness or that existing vaccines do not work against it. More than two-thirds of adults in the UK receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and 37% receive both.

The government has reduced the dose gap between people over the age of 50 from 12 weeks to 8 weeks to provide more protection.

According to the government’s Emergency Science Group, the variant identified in India, officially known as B.1.617.2, was first recorded in southeastern England last year, which is now the dominant stock in the United Kingdom. It can be up to 50% more infectious than. However, they say there is a high level of uncertainty about the exact numbers.


Mark Wahlberg, a member of the advisory group, said the new variant “intensified” the competition between viruses and vaccines.

“The blade of the knife on which the lace is placed has just become sharp,” he said.

The UK has recorded about 128,000 coronavirus deaths, the largest reported casualties in Europe. However, new infectious diseases have plummeted to an average of about 2,000 per day, compared to about 70,000 per day during peak winters, and deaths have dropped to single digits per day.

The restrictions that have restricted travel, commerce and everyday life for months are gradually being lifted. Starting Monday, British restaurants and pubs can be opened indoors, museums, theaters, cinemas and hotels can be reopened, allowing people to re-embrace friends and family they do not live in.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland follow similar but slightly different paths. The Scottish Government is putting it under regulation due to the increasing number of cases in Glasgow and the northern region of Moray.


Critics said the government should have acted earlier to ban travelers from India who had been plagued by the devastating coronavirus outbreak.

Labor Rep. Yvette Cooper said the government had not banned visitors from India until April 23.

“This was predictable, but inevitable,” she said.

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Britain competes to test and vaccinate as virus variants threaten plans

Source link Britain competes to test and vaccinate as virus variants threaten plans

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