British children with cancer face a lottery fund for fertility preservation services

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Children and adolescents with cancer in the UK are facing a funding lottery for services to give birth. Especially in the UK, a specialized treatment center that relies heavily on charities to collect the cash it needs has published the first study of its kind.Online Archive of childhood illnesses..

This should note researchers who demand a centralized NHS, despite the clear international consensus that these services will be provided to those at risk of giving birth as a result of cancer treatment. Financing To ensure a fair supply.

Treatment of childhood cancer has improved significantly over the last 50 years, with more than 80% of patients surviving the disease for decades. However, 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 long-term survivors of childhood cancer experience childbirth problems.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that there is wide variability in NHS funding and availability across the UK for these services, raising concerns among a group of experts about unfair access.

Therefore, between July and August 2019, the authors of the study will discuss current funding and funding arrangements for fertility preservation for all 20 specialized childhood cancer treatment services across the UK. I investigated. Cancer patients Under 18.

Current clinical guidelines recommend providing freezing / storage of ovarian / egg and testicular tissue / sperm to children and teens whose future birth may be impaired as a result of illness or treatment. I have.

Each center had 30 questions, including the period during which funds were available for referral practice, funding sources, and egg and sperm storage over the last 12 months. 18 (90%) centers responded from all over the UK.

All centers have referred patients for fertility preservation in the last 12 months. This corresponds to a total of 479 individual referrals, with an estimated range of 338 to 620 cases.

All 18 centers referred patients for collection / storage of ovarian tissue. 17 referred sperm banks (one center was excluded due to patient age range). Fifteen (83%) referred to testicular tissue storage. And 6 (35%) did so for mature egg collection (one center was excluded due to the patient’s age range).

Most regional variations were seen in the storage of mature eggs and testicular tissue. Midlands and one of the centers in eastern England did not refer patients for the storage of mature eggs, but one-quarter in southern England, half in northern England, and ten of centers in Devolved. Six of them were the nation.

Approximately 3 out of 4 centers in northern England, 8 out of 10 in southern and devolved donations, and all centers in central and eastern England refer one or more patients for testicular tissue storage Did.

Note the study authors that this reported variation may simply reflect the type of clinical case treated during the study period.

Those centers, who knew their sources of funding, said the sperm freeze was funded by the NHS. However, only nine centers reported the same about the storage of mature eggs.

And half said the tissue storage of the ovaries and testes was funded by charity. The UK center was much more likely to report this than the other UK centers.

Approximately one-fifth (20%) of all cases estimated to have been referred to somehow give birth in the last 12 months have been reported to rely on charitable funding. ..

Funds are available for different periods of time with each method, with respondents citing periods from less than 5 years to “indefinite”. However, few respondents were convinced of the exact period.

“As far as we know, this is the first national assessment of fertility activities for young people with cancer, including boys and girls, and funding sources,” the study author writes. ..

Based on knowledge of childhood cancer incidence and the activities of specialized centers, the responses reported by 18 centers cover 92% of newly diagnosed cancer cases in the UK under the age of 18. I presume that there is.

“In the UK, about 1800 new cancer cases are diagnosed each year in patients under the age of 18, and these results estimate that about 25% of patients were provided. Fertility preservation [in 2019]”They suggest.

“The NHS funds are available to all and are urgent to ensure that these individuals are provided with adequate safety and hope, while allowing the acceptance of NHS-mandated standard treatments. Action is needed, “they insist.

“Everything is essential Young people When cancer Access to optimal and internationally recognized best practices. ”

Childbirth of “unplanned” girls and young women with cancer, according to experts

For more information:
Archive of childhood illnesses (2021).… dischild-2021-321873

Quote: UK Childhood Cancer Patients Win a Fertility Preservation Service Funding Lottery (September 20, 2021) Obtained from -lottery.html.

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British children with cancer face a lottery fund for fertility preservation services

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