British court overturns government go-ahead in Stonehenge road tunnel

UNESCO warned of a road tunnel at risk of being listed as a World Heritage Site in Stonehenge.

A British court on Friday overturned government approval to build a controversial road tunnel near the Stone Circle in Stonehenge, in response to opposition from historians, archaeologists and Druids.

The ruling came after UNESCO confirmed that prehistoric sites would be added to the “danger” list as the project progressed and warned that it could lose its World Heritage status.

The High Court ruled in favor of judicial review and revoked consent to the road construction project given by Secretary of State Grant Shapps in November 2020.

Opponents of the plan, including a group under the Stonehenge Alliance, are on a large-scale engineering project in an area full of archaeological treasures around standing stones, where road tunnels begin and end on the premises. Warned against.

Druids who worship the mysterious monument as sacred also protested the plan.

“Incredible news. I’m hugging people around me,” the Stonehenge Alliance tweeted after the ruling.

In 2018, Highways England applied for a permit to build a new 13 km section of the existing highway, including a new 3.3 km tunnel.

The road crosses a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Historian Tom Holland, who campaigned against the plan, tweeted that the decision was “great news.”

Druids and heathens consider Stonehenge a sacred place

Druids and heathens consider Stonehenge to be a sacred place.

“We hope the government will accept the ruling and save £ 2 billion of taxpayers who were planning to infuse shameful blasphemy,” he added.

Highways England tweeted, “I was very disappointed with the decision.”

He said he had to wait now while the Department of Transport “considered that option.”

Last year, Chaps chose to ignore the advice of a committee of expert planning inspectors who recommended rejecting the application. He said the benefits of this plan outweighed its shortcomings.

The court emphasized that the ruling was not on the merit of the system, but on the legality of the minister’s approval.

It was ruled that Chaps was not given “legally sufficient material” to assess the impact of the plan on the individual elements of the heritage. site..

The Chaps and Planners’ Committee also determined that they did not consider the two legally mandated alternative options. It is to add a cover to the open section, with long tunnels starting and ending outside the World Heritage Site. road With the proposed scheme.

Stonehenge Road Tunnel Goes Forward Despite Protest

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British court overturns government go-ahead in Stonehenge road tunnel

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