British Vogue Cover with Naomi Campbell and 9 Months Daughter

Naomi Campbell’s nine-month-old daughter is, of course, a natural supermodel. “Thanks to the many designers and friends who sent me nice things, she has a really nice closet, but awesome, kids grow fast, right?” Campbell said. British epidemic In an interview with her March cover issue. A 51-year-old supermodel familiar with the spotlight shared a cover spot with her baby girl and her new best friend. She brought her camera to Nikko like a daisy. “She loves light. She’s curious,” Campbell said. “She was looking at everyone — she was looking at people in front of her for a very long time. She was embracing it all.”

“I can count on the one hand the number of people who knew I had her.”

Campbell Announced in May 2021 that she was a mother, Share photos of her newborn daughter’s feet on Instagram. Since welcoming her daughter to the world, her new mom has kept details about her childbirth private. Father’s identity And her daughter’s name. “I can count the number of people who knew I had her,” she says. “But she’s the greatest blessing I can imagine. It’s the best I’ve ever done.”

For curious fans, Campbell plans to answer all these questions and more in her next book, which she hasn’t started writing yet — and of course. Her new mother, full-time supermodel Campbell, has flew from Paris and London to Qatar and Milan in just a few months to attend Versace shows. Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Lanvin — all with my daughter. “I’m lucky that my little kid loves to travel like me. It doesn’t interfere with takeoff or landing,” she said. “She is a good boy. She sleeps well and rarely cries. She is said to be very careful about her age. She is just starting to wave and it’s fun. She laughs a lot. She talks a lot. I think. She may. Walk before she crawls. And she already has six teeth. “

To maintain a healthy balance between her jet set lifestyle and her health Responsibility as a new momFor Campbell Highly recommended nanny My best friend has helped her since her daughter was born. “I always knew that one day I would be a mother, but that’s the greatest joy I can imagine,” she said. “I’m lucky [my daughter] And I know that. .. .. .. My daughter comes first. Everything I do for her — that’s it. “

Some expected Campbell to slow down after becoming a mother, but her daughter only encouraged her to work harder to inspire future generations of black models and creativity. “I’m like a kid again. I remember the nursery rhyme, play and discover that there are many great new toys around the world! And dolls! What I never dreamed of,” she adds. I did. She has also encouraged her peers to give birth to a baby.

See all the features of the March issue of British Vogue available in digital downloads and newsstands on Tuesday, February 22nd.

Image Source: Vogue / Steven Meisel

British Vogue Cover with Naomi Campbell and 9 Months Daughter

Source link British Vogue Cover with Naomi Campbell and 9 Months Daughter

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