Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears continue to exchange enthusiastic words online

After speculation about beef flew between Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears, the sisters confirmed in a series of online exchanges that things weren’t fortunate. Britney first threw a few paragraphs in her sister’s way, following an interview with Jamie’s “Good Morning America” ​​earlier this week.Jamie talked about her New memoir It gave insight into the relationship between Britney and his former parents.

Jamie promotes memoirs

“I didn’t oversee things like funding. If that was a misunderstanding, I wouldn’t take steps to become part of it anyway.” Jamie told ABC News Juju Chung In the video released on Wednesday.

During the interview, Jamie refused to comment on Britney’s current mental health status. This happened after Juju pointed out Jamie’s account of Britney’s behavior leading up to adult guardianship as “unstable,” “delusional,” and “spiral.”

“… I’m allowed to say how I felt in them [moments], Because that is important. It’s important that I was suffering, “Jamie said.

Britney answers the interview

Well, Britney didn’t feel the press stop story of her sister and made the crystal. Britney used social media to condemn Jamie’s comments following the release of the exclusive interview.

“At that time she wasn’t around me 15 years ago … so why are they talking about it unless she doesn’t want to sell books at my expense? , ” Britney wrote..

Britney also commented that Jamie “did not have to work for something” and felt that Jamie was downplayed by remixing her song. She also did not control her disgust towards the whole family.

“My family ruined my dreams 100 billion percent and tried to make me look like a crazy dream while I had 104 fever and couldn’t move in bed,” Britney wrote. “I’m sick of them because my family loves to pull me down and hurt me all the time !!!!”

Jamie Lynn Clapsback

Following Britney’s slam, Jamie Lynn got some from her breasts via Instagram. She started by saying it was “difficult” to see her sister’s post, but she wants Britney to get well. Then she blamed the pop feeling of saying one thing online and another privately.

“If the conversation or private text doesn’t match what you posted on social media, you’re exhausted,” writes Jamie Lin.

Jamie said he understood Britney’s reality and not only did not want to reduce it, but he himself did not want to reduce it either. Jamie Lynn then wrote, “What is being said is absolutely not true.”

The Zoey 101 star said he needed to “rationalize” his eldest daughter why his family continued to be threatened with murder. Jamie blamed Britney’s “post of vague condemnation” threat, saying her sister “can put an end to all of it.” But Jamie said he realized that Britney didn’t clean the air. Therefore, she “may have to set a record” herself.

“That said, I hate bursting my sister’s bubble, but my book isn’t about her. I was born as a Spears, and some of my experience is with my sister. I can’t help but be involved in, “Jamie writes. “I’ve been working hard since I was a teenager, and despite being someone’s sister, I’ve built a career.”

She closed the memo saying, “I don’t want to drama,” but said she was telling the truth to heal the trauma, close the chapter, and move on.

“… and I wish my sister could do the same. I don’t know what will happen, I always love my sister and I’m here for her,” Jamie said. wrote. “It’s time to put an end to the unhealthy turmoil that has dominated my life for a long time.”

Britney can’t stand … again

And when I thought Britney had given Jamie Lynn the last word, I thought you were wrong! The singer jumped out again via social media. This time around, Britney seems to be responding to additional details from Jamie Lynn’s book about wielding a knife.

“Jamie Lynn … Congratulations Baby! You stopped at a whole new level of LOW … I’ve never been around you with a knife.

She asked Jamie to end “the crazy lies of Hollywood books.” She also hinted that Jamie was a “scum” and said that only that type of person would “make something like that.”

“To be honest, I’m really very confused about what you make it up because you don’t like it at all,” Britney writes. “Around the kids ?? Jamie Lynn, seriously? Come on! Congratulations on introducing the concept of getting LOW to your sister … LOWER … LOWEST … because you won one of them, Baby !!!! “

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Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears continue to exchange enthusiastic words online

Source link Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears continue to exchange enthusiastic words online

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