Britney Spears reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Jamie Lynn Spears

Huh! Britney Spears hasn’t given up on his sister Jamie Lynn Spears. According to USA Today, Britney Sent a cease and desist letter to Jamie on Monday.Date marked one day before the release of Jamie’s new memoir What i should say.. But the news of the letter began to spread on Wednesday. Britney and her lawyer Matthew Rosangart did not resist the simple document.

Cease and desist letter

“We’re writing a little hesitant because Britney’s last hope is to pay more attention to your untimely books and misleading or outrageous claims about her.” Said the letter. “Britney hasn’t read or intends to read your book, but she and millions of fans are shocked to see how you used her for financial gain. She doesn’t tolerate it, and she shouldn’t. “

The letter also quoted Jamie’s father’s “catastrophic” explanation. Jamie also states that he is aware of the “abuse and misconduct” that Britney received from his father. As previously reported, Jamie Lynn conducted an exclusive interview with “Good Morning America” ‚Äč‚Äčabout the content of her book and her relationship with her sister.

Social media exchange

After their appearance, the two sisters talked to each other in a long post on social media. In a statement last week, Jamie said her book wasn’t about Britney after her sister’s post argued against it. On Tuesday, Britney went viral saying she should have slapped Jamie and their mother all over her face.

“As I said earlier, Britney is no longer bullied by his father or anyone else because he has endured the 13 years of power of attorney that robbed him of his civil rights and fundamental freedoms,” the letter said. I am. “Britney is a family earner and has supported you in other ways as well. Publicly airing false or fantastic complaints, especially if designed to sell books. It’s a mistake. “

Matthew also said that Jamie had no excuse to talk about Britney in this “potentially illegal and defamatory way.”

The letter demands that Jamie “stop and stop referring to Britney derogatoryly.” [her] Promotional campaign. If Jamie continues to talk about these alleged vaults, Britney “will be forced to consider and implement all appropriate legal action.”

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Britney Spears reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Jamie Lynn Spears

Source link Britney Spears reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Jamie Lynn Spears

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