Britney Spears thank fans for their support

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With the proliferation of #FreeBritney posts across social media over the last few years, one of the recent additions is from Britney Spears himself.Following a court decision Suspending her father Jamie Spears as her guardian On September 29, Britney posted a heartfelt message to her fans on Twitter to thank her for her support in her widespread power of attorney battle.

“# FreeBritney Movement … I have no words … For your constant resilience to free me from you and my parents … My life is in that direction now !!!!!” She captioned her video standing in the backyard. “I cried for two hours last night because the fans are the best and I know it,” Britney commented on his post, “I feel your heart and you feel mine. .. What I know is true 💞 !!!!! ” I didn’t need to be grateful, but it’s heartwarming to see Britney feel free to interact with his fans and feel the love he’s had for her for a long time.

Immediately after the court’s decision Britney’s fiancé Sam Asgari In the Instagram story, he shared the excitement of stopping and wrote, “Free Britney! Congratulations !!!!!!!!!”. In another post, he added, “She did this. Her fan base is called the army for reasons.”

Following his father’s suspension, John Zabel temporarily took control of Britney’s economic decisions, and Jody Montgomery remains part of her guardianship. With the end date of Britney’s Power of Attorney coming into view, I hope to see more positive posts from her soon. In the meantime, read the entire Britney Thanksgiving message on Twitter here.

Britney Spears thank fans for their support

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