Britney Spears welcomes her new puppy, Sawyer

Britney Spears We have another dog! February 16th, Superstar Share her latest addition, Sawyer’s Instagram video, Australian Shepherd. “Well … can you have two loves in your life because he comes second !!!!” she captioned her post. “I found him dreamily on Maui and immediately took him home. It’s funny .. .. He doesn’t talk, but he understands what I’m saying Seems to be !!!! “She added that she also had a new cat in the mix before sharing. Spears later promised to introduce her new cat, but it didn’t stop her from squirting about her. “My cat is very unique in French … she looks like 30 years old for 2 minutes before eating food … she is very smart and looks like a miniature cheetah” She is writing.

Most of Spears’ Instagram videos feature her dancing in a neon green swimsuit and black pumps. Sawyer will appear even for a moment. “This is me dancing with my baby. He definitely makes me feel love 💕 …. that’s what I’m dancing !!!!” she wrote .. “Good night, and God’s blessing !!!!!!!” The 40-year-old performer has two other dogs at her home. Maltese and Yorkie named Lacy and Hannah, respectively.Recently, Spears’ fiancée Sam Asgari I gave her a Doberman named Porscha. Meet the following Sawyers!

Britney Spears welcomes her new puppy, Sawyer

Source link Britney Spears welcomes her new puppy, Sawyer

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