Brooklyn Beckham talks about proposal to Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn BeckhamHis nerves did his best while proposing to his current fiancée Nicola Peltz.. A 22-year-old photographer said about the July 2020 proposal.Late Show with James Corden“Monday night. Beckham remembered everything from the beginning of” embarrassing “to the moment Peltz said yes. Photographers have revealed that he guided the “Bates Motel” star to the top of a hill in Bedford, New York. There is a white gazebo decorated with peonies and candles. , And Peltz’s favorite wine was waiting. “I couldn’t open the wine. It was really embarrassing. Ten minutes later I finally opened it, poured a glass and kneeled,” Beckham recalls, Peltz “always” magnificent. He said he wasn’t suspicious because he made a romantic gesture.

“I start telling her how much I love her. It lasted about 5 minutes. Then I came back, I have a ring, I open it, I “Do you marry me? You for the rest of my life because I want to be with you. You are my best friend,” he said of his proposed speech. Everything seemed to go well until Peltz was speechless. “She was just starting to cry and I was like’Oh no!’And she didn’t answer me for another five minutes and just kept crying. And I said,’Is that yes? Is it? Is it no? ” I was a little nervous. ” For suggestions and behind-the-scenes stories behind Beckham, watch the video above and tattoo Peltz’s eyes behind his neck.

Announce his engagement In Instagram in July 2020, Beckham wrote: .. “

Nicola said, “You have made me the luckiest girl in the world. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life beside you. Your love is the most precious gift. I I love you very much. “”

Brooklyn Beckham talks about proposal to Nicola Peltz

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