Bustos, who led the Democratic campaign unit, will never run

Chicago – Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos said he is one of the few Democrats in Congress to live in the American countryside and will not seek re-election next year.

First elected to most of her countryside in 2012, Bustos said Democrats need to do more to appeal to central voters who supported Donald Trump and other Republicans in 2016. After making a claim, he became chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign for the 2020 Campaign.

Instead, she caught fire from fellow Democrats last fall after leading the DCCC to a nearly disastrous election day. Both parties and many independent analysts believed that the Democratic Party would reasonably fill the majority of the House of Representatives in November, but instead lost 11 seats and almost relinquished control of Congress to the Republicans.

Bustos announced that he would not run the campaign committee again the week after the election, with only a few re-elections to his seat. The chair of the campaign department is a coveted post, which can be the path to a higher leadership position.


In a video released Friday, the 59-year-old said, “It takes every 10 years to evaluate what my next chapter might bring.”

“That’s why, ten years ago, I decided to run for Congress,” she said. “And that’s why I’m announcing today that I won’t ask for reelection after the end of the term.”

Bustos’ decision fuels Republicans’ already high hopes of gaining control of the House of Representatives in next year’s elections by eliminating Democrats who have been able to win for years in the rural blue-collar district. Must. The district covers the northwestern part of the state and includes parts of Rockford and Peoria.

The Bustos move can also be intriguing to Democrats. They need to maintain a tightly divided district like her to stay in the majority of the House of Representatives and wouldn’t want to signal that vulnerable incumbents are starting to bail out.



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Bustos, who led the Democratic campaign unit, will never run

Source link Bustos, who led the Democratic campaign unit, will never run

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