Butigeg Gives Transport Grants for Climate – NBC4 Washington

Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg provided an infrastructure grant of $ 905 million on Wednesday. This includes repairing Seattle’s cracked bridge during a catastrophic heat wave and expanding the ports of Iowa and Georgia to reduce the number of greenhouse gas emission trucks on the road.

Funding for 24 projects in 18 states is part of the Biden administration shift in federal awards to promote climate-friendly policies and racial equality.

Federal aid also goes to California to reduce road fatalities in southern Los Angeles and goes main to repair bridges.

“These timely investments in our infrastructure will help create jobs, support local economies, while promoting innovation, combating climate change and addressing inequality across the country. “Butijeg said.

The money awarded Wednesday under the Department’s Infrastructure Program for US Reconstruction gives a glimpse of how the administration wants to steer federal transportation spending in the coming months.

President Joe Biden is currently proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in new infrastructure investment to repair collapsing roads and bridges, but Congress remains uncertain.

Under the grant program, Seattle was awarded $ 11.3 million for a major repair of the West Seattle High Bridge, which was closed in March 2020 due to cracks in multiple locations, and could collapse. A bridge that triggers a warning and runs adjacent to the Spokane Street Swing. The city has been competing to blow off and cool some bridges to avoid weather-related damage such as sinkholes and cracks from heat waves in the northwest.

Repair work on the bridge, a lifeline in western Seattle, will continue until mid-2022. The city said it wants to avoid delays in repairs due to current detours that send heavy traffic to the surrounding low-income areas, increasing the pollution of the inhabitants and the danger of roads.

“Full operation of the West Seattle High-rise Bridge is important for the Seattle area to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mayor Jenny Durkan and members of the city council wrote in their application.

Iowa has earned $ 5 million to increase the capacity of Gaviron’s seaport and rail facilities in Dubuque, supporting the direct transport of fertilizer from river barges to rail and reducing truck movements. The Georgia Port Authority will receive $ 46.9 million to build a new endorheic container port along the I-85 / I-985 Corridor in the Unincorporated Area of ​​Gainesville. The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority will also raise $ 49 million to fund the improvement of Southport.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles project has 26 new traffic lights, new isolated bike lanes, highly visible pedestrian crossing markings, bus boarding islands, upgraded curb ramps, in the almost non-white section of a pedestrianized city. You will receive $ 18 million to add additional shade trees. Bicycle mortality is high.

During the Trump administration, the Department of Transportation prioritized road projects to encourage car travel, with more than half of the money usually directed to rural areas, more than double the legal minimum of 25%.

On Wednesday, the category said that 44% of the first awards would go to local projects.

Butigeg Gives Transport Grants for Climate – NBC4 Washington

Source link Butigeg Gives Transport Grants for Climate – NBC4 Washington

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