Caitlyn Jenner calls Whoopi Goldberg to defend Joe Biden

Huh!Looks like Whoopi Goldberg Caitlyn Jenner is on the wrong side, following the comments she made on “The View” Joe Biden’s defense amid rising gas prices and a shortage of infant formula. Whoopi said: That’s what he’s trying to absorb. In the discussion, Sunny Hostin mentioned the ongoing war in Ukraine and raised his voice, and Woopy caused a shortage of infant formula.

“People want baby food, infant formula, but he doesn’t. It’s in Abbott. [Nutrition.] When people talk about these things, no one says, “This is the cause and this is the way we have to fight it,” she said.

Caitlin didn’t feel Woopy’s comment and tweeted.

“Now @ WhoopiGoldberg … I’ve known you for years and I think you’re a very good soul. But this is beyond the line.” She added, “Biden is his As with many appointed people, it is the least effective leader, and this administrator has great responsibility for this and does not provide an effective solution. “

Despite his public criticism, President Biden is taking steps to address the shortfall.according to CNBC, He enforced the Defense Production Act on Wednesday. This will increase milk powder production and alleviate the national shortage due to the closure of major Michigan factories.

The law gives national leaders a wide range of powers that require companies to prioritize the manufacture and distribution of goods in response to a crisis. The bill was passed in 1950 during the Korean War. In addition, President Biden is asking suppliers to send ingredients to milk powder manufacturers before other companies that may have ordered the same product. To ensure that the law is implemented correctly, President Biden also health to use aircraft from the Pentagon to pick up infant formulas from abroad that meet US health and safety standards. I instructed the Ministry of Social Welfare and the Ministry of Agriculture.

What do you think about the reaction of roommate Caitlyn Jenner?

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Caitlyn Jenner calls Whoopi Goldberg to defend Joe Biden

Source link Caitlyn Jenner calls Whoopi Goldberg to defend Joe Biden

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