California is considering working 32 hours a week

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Significant changes can quickly occur in the way people live. It’s four days a week.

California is discussing plans for companies with more than 500 employees to define working hours per week as only 32 hours.

It is expected to reduce stress without reducing productivity.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Jeanette Stevens.

For clarity, Florida does not consider the same changes.

The proposed bill also requires employees of those large companies to pay half of their overtime hours if they exceed the 32-hour threshold.

Benjamin Jormac, a board-certified labor and employment law expert, called this an interesting idea.

“It’s been used quite a bit abroad and I think it’s very popular, especially in Scandinavia,” says Yormak.

Yormak believes that shorter working hours per week increase productivity.

“I think certain studies show that levels of productivity and overall well-being are rising, which means employees are actually more productive and happy,” Yormak said. I am saying.

What are the drawbacks?

“But they will be forced to work harder for the other four days,” he said.

Bill critics say redefining full-time to 32 hours a week would kill the job because it costs more to hire people.

Yormak doesn’t think so.

“You’ll see your employer come back and say, well, that’s okay. I’m not going to pay $ 20 now, or I’m going to pay $ 16 an hour,” he said.

Jormac said other states want to see if the bill succeeds and then follow suit.

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California is considering working 32 hours a week

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