Can the Warriors beat Andrew Wiggins to the Finals MVP?

Andrew Wiggins 26 points performance in Game 5 NBA The final is Golden State Warriors To 104-94 VictoryRaise them to 3-2 in the series Boston Celtics..

The NBA is a hot take league, after two consecutive special performances by Wiggins. Stephen Curry’s On a dull night, the question sparked: Can Wiggins win the Finals MVP?

How Wiggins slips into the NBA Finals MVP conversation

Stephen Curry’s record-breaking streak of 233 consecutive games ended in Game 5. However, according to FOX Bet, Curry continues to be a heavy favorite of the Finals MVP with the Warriors 3-2. Skip Bayless analyzes how Andrew Wiggins can challenge Steph’s proceedings for a glorious award.

Skip Bayless Wiggins isn’t expecting to win the award, but he can see the path to the Warriors’ small forward.

“He’s starting to take on the role of Iggy we saw in 2015,” Bayless said on Tuesday.Indisputable,”reference Andre Iguodala, Who won the Finals MVP 7 years ago. “It’s very similar [Wiggins’] Defense is turning the series around as he is starting numbers Jayson TatumMany thought they were already superstars. “

Tatum is Tatum’s main defender, averaging 23.2 points per game, but with a commitment of 3.6 turnovers per game, with a 36.7% shot. More importantly, the Celtics seemed exhausted in the last two quarters, so Wiggins looked rejuvenated and Tatum maintained a total of 2 to 10 shots of 7 points at the most important time. ..

“Suddenly, Andrew Wiggins said:’It’s not on my watch,'” Bayless said. “I have to admit to him that he did it aggressively and led the score on Monday night, so he slowly but surely turned the series at both ends. He both scored and rebounded. It never happened where I led. “

Wiggins set a team record of 26 points and 13 rebounds in Game 5. This is the second straight game to lead the Warriors on the board. In the last two games he has scored 43 points and 29 rebounds with 46.7% shots.

Curry scored 16 points and 0-9 in a 3-7-22 shot on Monday. This was Curry’s first final, not making a 3. He averages 30.6 points, 5.6 rebounds and 4.6 assists in the series. Wiggins play a major role in defense, averaging 18.4 points and 9.4 rebounds.

“He can score,” Wiggins said of Wiggins. “So he could rise here and keep shining. If he has big games 6 and 7, I think he can get into the conversation if Curry keeps going south. “

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Can the Warriors beat Andrew Wiggins to the Finals MVP?

Source link Can the Warriors beat Andrew Wiggins to the Finals MVP?

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