Cannabis use during pregnancy affects the placenta and can affect the subsequent development of the child

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A study published Monday by researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and City University of New York found that women who could use cannabis during pregnancy to relieve stress and anxiety inadvertently inadvertently make their children stress-sensitive and anxious. May be easier to feel, November 15th, Minutes of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

As recreational cannabis is legalized around the world, many people mistakenly believe that cannabis use has no significant health risks.To match this softening public opinionAlthough cannabis has emerged as one of the most consumed recreational abuse drugs during pregnancy, the impact of maternal cannabis use on fetal and pediatric development is unclear.

“We know that cannabinoid signaling plays a role in stress regulation, so some people use cannabis to reduce anxiety and relax,” said the Psychology of CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College. Yoko Nomura, a professor of science and the lead author of the paper, said. “But our research shows that. Intrauterine Exposure to cannabis has the opposite effect on children, with increased levels of anxiety, aggression, and hyperactivity compared to other children who were not exposed to cannabis during pregnancy. “

In this study, researchers at Icahn Mount Sinai and CUNY conducted a long-term study of 322 mother-child pairs drawn from an ongoing study of stress during pregnancy based in New York City, with placental gene expression and early childhood. I examined behavior and physiology. 2009. When the kids were about 6 years old Hormone level Measured through a hair sample, electrocardiography was used to measure stress-induced cardiac function, and behavioral and emotional function was assessed based on studies conducted on parents.

Children of mothers who used cannabis during pregnancy showed higher levels of anxiety, aggression, increased activity, and the stress hormone cortisol compared to children who did not use cannabis.The use of maternal cannabis reduces the high frequency components of heart rate variability, i.e. Time interval During the heartbeat — this usually reflects an increase in stress sensitivity. In addition, placental tissue RNA sequences collected at birth in a subset of participants indicate that maternal cannabis use is associated with reduced expression of immune-activating genes, including inflammatory cytokines involved in pathogen protection. It became clear. Cannabis-related suppression of some placental immune gene networks predicted higher anxiety in children.

Pregnant women are struck by false information that cannabis is not dangerous, but the reality is Cannabis Today is stronger than it was a few years ago. Our findings show that using it during pregnancy can have long-term effects on children. ” “The findings emphasize the need for unbiased education and outreach for pregnant women to the general public and certain vulnerable populations. Use of cannabis.. Disseminating this data and accurate information is essential for improving the health of women and their women. Children.. ”

Cannabis use disorders that increase significantly during pregnancy

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Maternal cannabis use is associated with suppression of the fetal immune gene network and increased anxiety phenotype in offspring. Minutes of the National Academy of Sciences (2021). DOI: 10.1073 / pnas.2106115118..

Quote: Cannabis use during pregnancy affects the placenta and may affect the subsequent development of the child (November 15, 2021).

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Cannabis use during pregnancy affects the placenta and can affect the subsequent development of the child

Source link Cannabis use during pregnancy affects the placenta and can affect the subsequent development of the child

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