Cape Coral considering “bubble curtain” to stop blue-green algae

Cape coral

The City of Cape Coral is working to survive the water crisis. Starting in 2018, the city is considering adding a “bubble curtain” to prevent blue-green algae from invading the canal and recreating disasters.

Mayor Cape Coral states that the 2018 City Pilot Program worked so well that reusing it is of great concern to everyone.

Bubble curtains have been deployed on the Mandolin Canal. Currently, the city is trying to advertise more on other canals in the city.

Peter Formica gets up and checks the water in the canal near the Cape Coral home. He is still hurt by the green odor that overwhelmed him during the 2018 water crisis.

“I vowed that if I saw something close to this, I would leave here during the summer,” Formica said.

Formica hasn’t packed it yet and wants to not have to pack it.

John Gunter is the mayor of Cape Coral. “What we are trying to develop is a forward-looking policy that will help in the event of a blue-green algae problem,” Gunter said.

Mayor Gunter wants the city to spend money now and later save everyone from pain. He wants to start by reactivating the bubble curtain along the Mandolin Canal. I will.

Gunter believes this is working well and the city needs to buy more. “I would like to consider purchasing an additional bubble curtain,” he said.

Mike Ilczyszyn is the City’s Assistant Public Works Director. “We basically specify 750 for preventative technology, bubble curtains, and allocate 250 in case you need to buy chemicals, biomaterials, or surface vacuum cleaners,” Ilczyszyn said. Stated.

Alex Tiahnybok lives along the Mandolin Canal. “I heard it was horrifying and stinking,” said Tianibock. “I agree with something being done.”

“I don’t want to spend a million dollars, but if the blue-green algae can reduce their impact if they go in our direction, I think it’s enough money to spend,” Gunter said.

Mayor Gunter states that the project will be funded either by the city’s reserves or by funds already reserved for water quality.

The Cape Coral City Council will discuss the bubble curtain at a special meeting on Wednesday.

Cape Coral considering “bubble curtain” to stop blue-green algae

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