Cardi B has won a total of $ 3.8 million in defamation proceedings.

Cardi B received additional financial compensation during the proceedings on Tuesday.Cardi B raises a total of $ 3.8 million, according to multiple sources Proceedings against blogger Tasha K win.. The first news was reported on Monday that he had won a defamation proceeding in Cardy. The jury acknowledged that Tasha K and her company, Kebe Studios LLC, are responsible for defamation, invasion of privacy through false portrayals of light, and deliberate mental distress.

Case prize

Artist on monday Secure $ 1 Million General damages including “pain and distress and / or reputational wounds”. In the latest development, Cardi was awarded additional coins for attorney fees and punitive damages. She received over $ 1.3 million in legal fees, according to sources close to Megastar. In addition, Tasha K will have to pay $ 1 million in punitive damages. Kebe Studios LLC, on the other hand, has to pay $ 500,000 for punitive damages.

According to legal documents, Cardi initially received $ 250,000 in medical expenses. However, according to a new report, the amount was reduced to $ 25,000, bringing the total compensation received to $ 3.8 million.

As previously reported, Cardi filed a proceeding against Tasha K in 2019. Tasha reportedly shot nearly 40 swearing videos on Cardi. Her video contains false allegations that Cardy was infected with herpes, tricked her husband’s offset, had sex with a beer bottle during her time as a dancer, and even had a hard drug. I did.

Following Monday’s defeat, Tasha took her to her social media to thank the people on her side of the court battle.

“My husband, lawyer, and I fought really hard,” Tasha tweeted. “I want to thank them for their long time and sleepless nights. Winos It’s only from here. See everything in a few days. Get back to work.”

Cardy issues a statement

Following the latest development, the rapper issued a statement about the end of the case.

“During this trial, you learned about the darkest times of my life. That moment was fueled by a vulgar, nasty, and completely false story that was repeatedly and relentlessly shared online. “Cardy said. “I never thought I would be asked or proved, and I felt completely helpless and defenseless. I deserve the platform that my fame gives me. I never thought of it, so for over three years I devoted all the resources I had to seek justice. “

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Cardi B has won a total of $ 3.8 million in defamation proceedings.

Source link Cardi B has won a total of $ 3.8 million in defamation proceedings.

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