Cardi B makes her daughter’s Instagram private (tweet)

As far as Cardi B and Offset’s daughter Kulture are concerned, the “up” wrapper isn’t here because of online hatred. Unfortunately, you and your child are not off limits from the trolls when you are a rap superstar. Today, Cardi B calls on individuals trolling their 3-year-old daughter’s Instagram with negative comments via Twitter, saying that today will be the last day everyone can access Kulture’s page. I informed you.

Cardy tweeted. “I haven’t checked my daughter’s account, but this time I’m locking my daughter’s page. I’m not sure if WTF is in progress, but I hope my mom will die because you gave birth to a weirdo. Some of the comments she shared on Kulture’s page were incredible. There was one comment on the appearance of the child, “Look at the creature Sephas.” Another said, “I hope your account will be invalidated.” Immediately after Cardi tweeted, the Kulture page was no longer published.

Some of my roommates grew up Kanye WestCalled his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, by allowing his eldest daughter to the north on TikTok over the weekend. As previously reported, Ye called Kim in Gram and said, “This is my first divorce, so do I need to know what to do if my daughter is put into TikTok against my will? ? “

Kim immediately sent out his message, stating that North is using popular applications as a means of self-expression and creativity. She continued to explain that North uses the app only under adult supervision. You’re back to sharing TikTok guidelines, but your North account still seems to be up and running. Roommates, do you think kids should be on social media?

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Cardi B makes her daughter’s Instagram private (tweet)

Source link Cardi B makes her daughter’s Instagram private (tweet)

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