Cardi B Participates in Ukraine and Russia Crisis

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As Tension between Ukraine and Russia Deteriorated, the latter Threaten aggression, Americans are, of course, worried about the growing crisis. In the light of some recent developments Cardi B We considered this issue on February 22nd. Tweet her thoughts After a fan asks her opinion on a global issue. “I really want these world leaders to stop stumbling on power and really think that who is really affected outside the world (citizens) is at stake,” she wrote. “War, sanctions and aggression should be the last thing these leaders should worry about.”

Cardi B after another fan hinted that the “up” rapper didn’t actually write her tweet I posted a video response To clarify her remarks. “This phone hasn’t been hacked, it’s really me!” She said in the video. “I really want to say a lot, but I just care about my business, because sometimes I feel like I have a platform that’s big enough to be killed if I don’t say the right thing. . “

Cardi B followed up on her safety concerns with a more detailed response to the crisis in Ukraine and Russia, saying, “I’m not really NATO, not Russia, but actually a citizen. On the side. ” After all, the world is at stake now. This inflation is extremely difficult to recover, not just in the United States, but anywhere in the world. Many shipments and embarkations are backed up. .. Many things are late, many goods are late, and this made it much more complicated, so I’m really frustrated with this, because China hasn’t really confused us. .. And I really want everything Today’s world leaders have really logical conclusions, but anything. “

This isn’t the first time Cardi B has made a public statement about politics. In fact, the rappers were very vocal about them on social media before they suddenly stopped. “I was tired of being bullied by Republicans and being beaten up by the same people I was standing on,” she said. Tweet in October..

2020, music icon Repelled by conservative politicians On her “WAP” music videoBut before that, music icons were barely talked about in politics.In her 2018 GQ cover story, She admitted that she was “obsessed” with how the political system works. “I love political science,” she said. “I love government. I’m crazy about the president. I’m crazy about knowing how the system works.” Read Cardi B’s tweet about the crisis in Ukraine and Russia first.

Cardi B Participates in Ukraine and Russia Crisis

Source link Cardi B Participates in Ukraine and Russia Crisis

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