Career Growth in Machine Learning and Data Science

If we talk about Data Science and analytics, this is one of the advanced and surging technologies to learn. Data science is a familiar name in every industry. Choosing Data Science and specialization as a career will be the best decision of your life. Harvard Business Review has tagged Data Scientist as ‘The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’.

Skill upgrade options are the few factors that will make you choose data science as a career. Taking the all above factors into consideration, you can decide to choose data science as your career option.

So Let’s see what machine learning is, and how it is helping organizations.

Machine Learning is an implementation in Artificial Intelligence that enables a system to learn from data, identify the pattern of data. In simple words, we can say it is used to perform complex tasks in a simple way which will help to decide on any business based on data. If automation and algorithms are interesting for you then Machine Learning is the one right career option for you.

The world is connected with the internet, thus we can generate a huge volume of data. All this data is processed through various tools such as algorithms, machine learning principles to uncover the hidden pattern of raw data. Machine Learning will help to create and develop more powerful models which can analyze bigger and complicated data sets in a shorter period.

Coming to Data Science, many industrial sectors and organizations are mainly concentrating on data. These companies set data as an asset that will be used in many prominent decisions. To analyse these data they need Data analysts, data scientists and data specialists. Organizations are facing trouble in handling these data, as the lack of data professionals. So the demand for Data scientists is very high and the salary package remains high. As per the Economic Times report, India’s demand for Data Scientists had increased to 400% in one year. Every top company and organization is hiring data specialists.

Let’s see how you can switch to Data Science?

Many top learning academies are offering different courses in data science. Many online learning websites also offer courses in data science and machine learning. They are collaborating with top universities from all over the world. You can find various master programmes from top universities, data science certification courses, specialization courses in data science and machine learning, one can find a suitable course online and upgrade themselves by sitting at your home. The online courses will give flexibility in terms of timing, you can find weekend classes, recording classes and online examinations, which won’t disturb your professional life. These courses help you to grow immensely in your professional life. Growth in terms of upskilling yourself, salary, promotion. With a background in Machine learning and data science, you can easily grab high-paying jobs.

Some are the top online platforms for Data Science and Machine Learning:

Top online programs in Machine Learning and Data Science

Top machine learning and Data Science Certification Course

Career opportunities:

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