Carlo “I feel better” every week after the hit

Boston Bruce Cassidy said Boston Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo “feels better” every week after a head hit that caused Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson to suspend seven games. He said he was left.

“He will obviously go out for a while,” Cassidy said.

The NHL was suspended for the fifth time in Wilson’s career on Saturday, the day after he sent Carlo to the hospital by ambulance the day after he hit the first period of the match on Friday night. Capitals Wing also loses $ 311,781.61 payments.

“What distinguishes this hit from other hits is the direct and important contact between the unprotected player’s face and head, which gives a violent impact to the glass. A player with a good disciplinary record. He is in an unprotected position and does so with considerable force. “

No diagnosis was announced, but Carlo was mesmerized off the ice after Wilson hit his head against the glass. This is a clear sign of a concussion. Cassidy called the hit “predatory,” but didn’t give details of the outage.


“It was good they saw it, and they appreciated some discipline,” he said. “I told myself what I felt in the hit …. I’m moving to New Jersey and getting ready.”

Bruins returns to the ice on Sunday night against the devil.

Cassidy added that he sent a text message to Carlo on Sunday morning, “They are in a good place. They are worried about Brandon. Getting good news that he is feeling better is ours. Help the group. We are a close group. “


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Carlo “I feel better” every week after the hit

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