Cases of COVID-19 increase when the school opens, but even more when teachers and students do not wear masks.

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When students return to schools in Victoria and New South Wales after a few months of blockade, many may be concerned about the risks to their children and the overall transmission.

The role that the school plays transmission Analyzing the virus that causes COVID-19 has been difficult, but new evidence can finally answer that question. Schools amplify the transmission of communities, but the good news is that some relatively simple mitigations can make schools a much safer place.

To successfully navigate the next stage of the pandemic and protect children, we need to switch to the so-called “”.Vaccine Plus“Strategy — with vaccination Measures to clean the air..

What does the new evidence about opening a school say?

NS New research According to a practice in the United States, the reopening of schools in late 2020 increased COVID-19 cases and deaths.

Part of the increase may be due to parents having the ability to return to work where other restrictions have been relaxed at the same time and communication also occurs.

But importantly, cases and deaths were highest in counties where students and teachers did not have to wear masks at school.

Don’t be surprised by this discovery, as face masks are one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19.A study of outbreaks in schools supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that schools that did not require indoor masks 3.5 times more likely to occur Than schools where students and staff had to wear masks.

This is the reason for the CDC Universal indoor masking is recommended By all Children 2 years and older, teachers, school visitors, whether vaccinated or not.

More evidence to support masks at school

One of the reasons why school infections are hard to see is that children generally have mild symptoms. This will prevent the infection from being detected. However, the situation is very different when researchers are actively looking for cases.

Belgian researchers study Elementary school students and their teachers were tested once a week for 15 weeks. They found many examples of communication between children and adults that spread across schools to children’s parents and teacher partners. Some mitigation measures were taken at school, but no masks were worn.

Other measures are also useful

Perhaps the most dramatic example of school protection failure comes from the United Kingdom. The school reopened in September of this year without the obligation of masks and there was little investment in ventilation.

Within a month Random test showed 8% of the secondary school With 3% of children and preschool Elementary school students There was a lively infection.

This happened despite 80 and more Percentage of people 16 years and older who received two vaccinations. Therefore, adult infections were much less common, less than about 1% in all age groups.

This clearly shows that high levels of vaccination in adults are not sufficient to protect children because children are susceptible to transmitting the virus to each other.

It also shows that childhood infections do not simply reflect community-wide infections. Schools play an important role in spreading the spread of COVID-19.

Why you need to protect your child

We need to prevent infections in children for several reasons. First, most children with COVID-19 experience mild illness, but only a few are ill enough to require hospitalization.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is expected that almost all of Australia’s 3.8 million children will eventually become infected without vaccination. Only a small part of this is a large number, Easily overwhelm a children’s hospital,what is that Happened in America..

Children infected with COVID-19 may also have persistent symptoms known as long-term COVID.It’s not clear how often this happens, but the state set by the United Kingdom National Health Service is fairly common. 15 long COVID clinics For kids.In Israel, a long COVID clinic Long waiting list..

High levels of infection in children can also lead to educational confusion. Two weeks after the fall semester began in England, Over 100,000 children absent from school Because COVID-19 is confirmed or suspected.

And children can easily infect other children and adults with the coronavirus. This leads to illness for parents and other people in the wider community, including those who have been vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccine is very good at preventing serious illness, but not completely Breakthrough infections can occur.. To minimize breakthrough infections, community infections need to be kept low.

Here’s how to make your school safer

Making a school a safer place is not difficult, but you should focus on cleaning the air rather than cleaning your hands.This is because COVID-19 is the cause Airborne virus It can float in the air like cigarette smoke.

Independent scientific advisory group OzSAGE recently launched Comprehensive guidance How to prevent this type of infection at school.

OzSAGE recommends that children, their parents, and teachers be vaccinated as soon as possible.Use with increased ventilation HEPA air filter Clean the room air; ensure that all staff and children who can safely wear the mask wear the mask.

These measures can bring benefits beyond the pandemic. If the classroom is clogged, it is not suitable for learning. Academic performance has been shown to improve There is ventilation.

Cleaning the air is an investment in the future of our children.

One in four parents say their child has been quarantined since school began

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Cases of COVID-19 increase when the school opens, but even more when teachers and students do not wear masks.

Source link Cases of COVID-19 increase when the school opens, but even more when teachers and students do not wear masks.

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