Cecil Hotel: Who is morbid, also known as Pablo Vergara?

Black metal musician Morbid found himself in the midst of a tragic and bizarre Elisa Lam incident as people lurked around his YouTube channel. Web sleuths found a video of Morbid, whose real name is Pablo Vergara, at the Cecil Hotel a year before Elisa Lam’s death. Netflix Crime scene: disappears at Cecil Hotel, I hear from Vergara in episodes 3 and 4 that an informal internet criminal investigation reveals how an informal internet criminal investigation uncovered how he was suddenly caught in a personal whirlwind. So how did Vergara fit into the story? This is how the case unfolded for him.

Morbid’s channel, which is no longer functioning, showed an obsession with violence and death. Crime scene Sift some of his past footage that seems to have something to do with Ram. Vergara had a video playing against the backdrop of pictures of Ted Bundy and Black Dalia. (The Black Dalia incident was rumored to have been last seen in Cecil before she died.) He also had a song about a girl dying underwater. In one music video released shortly after Lamb’s death, he escapes from him until the young girl is killed. After some amateur detectives tied the dots, people were skeptical of Movid’s intentions — was he trying to drop a hint about the crime he committed?

Vergara explained in Crime scene One of his friends first sent him a message about how the Taiwanese news channel called him a suspect in murder shortly after the hotel found her body in a water tank. Vergara explained that he received hundreds of messages about how he killed a 21-year-old Canadian student. At some point, the PGR, or the Mexican FBI, came to his house and asked if he had made a blood sacrifice. He noticed that people found a video of the Cecil Hotel, where he stayed for three days in 2012, a year before Ram died. According to Vergara, when Ram died, he was actually working on the album in Mexico.

Vergara posted the video as Morbid and told the viewer that he was innocent. However, people ended up flagging his account, resulting in the termination of his YouTube, Facebook, and email.To Crime sceneVergara explained that this was a painful experience that ended with him in a mental hospital, trying to take his own life.

The Morbid channel no longer exists, but Vergara posted a video under his band Dynasty of Darkness and posted a personal page under his own name. In addition to his musical career, Vergara is also a filmmaker.According to the New York Film Academy (Vergara’s alma mater) blog, he won an award at the International Film Festival. Necro Marder In 2019.

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Cecil Hotel: Who is morbid, also known as Pablo Vergara?

Source link Cecil Hotel: Who is morbid, also known as Pablo Vergara?

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