CEO of Down Syndrome Runs A Successful Cookie Company

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In high school she was bullied. After graduating from college, it was difficult for her to find her job. But throughout all the difficult times, Colette David had one thing that made her happy: Baking. David with her Down Syndrome decided to put her passion into her career and open her own cookie company.

“Actually, I’ve always loved making sweets since I was four. I’ve been taking sweets making classes since high school,” said 31-year-old David. I had no friends and no social life. I was bullied, I was chosen. That’s why I was taking a sweets making class. “

After graduating from high school, David attended Clemson University in South Carolina, but after graduating she had difficulty finding a job. So she turned her eyes to her mother who helped her create her own job: CEO of Colletti’s Cookies.

David’s mother, Rosemary Alfredo, helped David start his own business as CEO. Credits: Collettey’s Cookies

Collettey’s Cookies, which has run out of Boston, was founded by Divitto in 2016 and has already generated over $ 1 million in revenue over the last five years. If it’s not impressive to start your own business in your twenties, Divitto is also the author of two children’s books, featured in the documentary Born for Business on entrepreneurs with disabilities, and runs a non-profit organization. doing.

“A lot of amazing things are happening,” David said of the opportunity to come her way. She says her favorite part of running her business is hiring people with disabilities.

Collettey’s Leadership Org helps people with disabilities prepare for their careers by providing workshops and mentoring. A portion of the proceeds from Collettey’s Cookies shipped nationwide and to Canada will be sent to nonprofits.

By 2020, only 17.9% of people with disabilities were employed. However, David believes that many want to work, and even so, federal law does not require employers to pay the minimum wage. In other words, businesses can pay people with disabilities whatever they find valuable. This is what Divitto is working on for change.

She created a petition to help create more jobs for people with disabilities. She wants it to get the attention of Congress. She not only defends people with disabilities through her non-profit organization, but also hires them to work for her own company.

“My mission is to create jobs for people with disabilities,” she said. “For people with disabilities … some people want to do a terrible job.”

Collettey’s Cookies currently has 15 employees, about half of whom are disabled, Divitto said. And they have strong leaders to respect. “No matter who you are, you can make a big difference in this world,” David said. “Don’t let people disappoint you … Don’t focus on your disability. Just focus on your abilities.”

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CEO of Down Syndrome Runs A Successful Cookie Company

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