Changing public holidays in Naples


Despite the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, Naples has started decorating for Christmas as it prepares for the holidays.

The city plans to hold its usual festivities, including tree lighting, Christmas walks, and parades.

One of the big things that many people look forward to is the fireworks show at the Naples Pier. However, this year the council decided to cancel the event for several reasons.

The pier was badly damaged in the storm and nearby beaches are still closed. Having hundreds of people is a level of risk the city is unwilling to take.

Holiday decorations installed in Naples. Credit: Wink News

But Naples Mayor Teresa Heitman told WINK News that Naples still has a lot to offer.

Heitman told WINK News the city has made a lot of progress, but still has a long way to go.

“There are still areas that need attention and will continue to do so for at least another month,” said Heitman.

A business owner on downtown Fifth Avenue hopes the holiday season will bring back crowds sometime next month.

Eric Marvin owns the Health and Welth Company on Fifth Avenue.

“Everything is new: paint, drywall, baseboards, new flooring,” Marvin said.

Therefore, the hope of a vacation will have a positive effect on his own health and wealth.

“We have sales all the time. If you come, we’ll have a sale this weekend too. We’ll give you a special price for whatever you need,” Marvin said.

Naples Soap Company has a lot of soaps. Ariel Minshew, the store manager, explained that they have about six inches of water on Fifth Avenue, but on Tuesday they will be ready to sell all the soap they get.

“It’s all out. We’re ready for Christmas,” said Minshew.

“We are very much looking forward to the Christmas Walk approaching, so we are starting to prepare for it,” said Minshew.

“We’re excited to have our annual Christmas tree lighting on Third Street the Monday before Thanksgiving,” Heitmann said. “The first Friday in December is the lighting of the Christmas tree on Fifth Avenue.”

Because this holiday season is just the beginning of Southwest Florida coming together after Hurricane Ian.

“It kicks off many holidays and celebrations,” says Heitman. “Yes, we will try to remember that we are still in recovery, but we will also act quickly to celebrate Naples in our community.”

There’s also tree lighting, a Christmas parade, a kickoff at Camivar Park honoring leaders past and present, and a White Christmas on Third Street South.

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