Channing Tatum gives advice to girlfriend Zoe Kravitz

From one director to another Channing Tatum gave wise advice to her girlfriend Zoe Kravitz... In a recent interview with “Variety,” Tatam says he warned that a 33-year-old “High Fidelity” star would play an acting role when directing the film for the first time. For those who missed it, the next thriller, Pussy Island, commemorates Kravitz’s directorial debut, starring project producer Tatam. “I was like,’You’ll need twice as many days,'” says Tatum. “She is a perfectionist in the best possible way.” Tatum’s comment on the difficulties faced when co-directing in the upcoming movie “Dog,” which will be screened in theaters on February 18. Is based.

The two lovers Tatam and Krabits They reportedly crossed the road a few years ago when they played a role in the 2017 Lego Batman Movie, but first met on the “Pussy Island” set.Immediately after the news broke Kravitz’s divorce from Karl Glusman, She was romantically linked to Tatam.Last summer they I saw a bike ride through New York City Before checking their romance on Instagram that same month Tatum followed several accounts dedicated to Kravitz.. “There is more than a friendship with Channing, [ZoĆ«]A certain source is E at that time! I told the news. “They spend a lot of time together and have fun. They are more than just close friends and co-stars. Their relationship has grown even further.”

Channing Tatum gives advice to girlfriend Zoe Kravitz

Source link Channing Tatum gives advice to girlfriend Zoe Kravitz

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