Charlotte County Birds Sick from Red Tide Toxin

Mana Sorter Key

Smell first and then see it – red tide. It plagues the beaches of Mana Sotaky in Charlotte County.

Toxins from red tides have killed marine life, but now they kill birds.

Pamela DefIs the Secretary-General of the Wildlife Center in Southwest Florida. She said, “We have definitely seen an increase in birds coming in red tide. Much of what we are getting is pelicans, many different species of terns.”

She said they are dealing with 50% more birds this week.

Birds will eat fish killed by red tide and ingest toxins.

“They are very imbalanced, unstable, very confused and wobbling,” explained DeFouw, “or they can’t stand.”

Birds affected by red tide. (Credit: WINK News)

The center works with various rescue groups to patrol the beaches of southwestern Florida. The sooner a bird gets help, the more likely it is to survive.

Some of the treatments used are oxygen therapy and infusion therapy, but they may even contain antibiotics, which DeFouw calls a very labor-intensive task to save our precious wildlife. I’m out.

If you find a bird that can get drunk with red tide, the Wildlife Center suggests putting it in a box with a towel on its head. Then contact your local wildlife rescue group.

DeFouw said: You know, to be predated “

Local Wildlife Rescue Group:

Charlotte County
SWFL Wildlife Center

Lee County
Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic (Crow)

Collier County
Southwest Florida Conservation

Red tide fish are killed along the coastline of Mana Sotaky. (Credit: WINK News)

Charlotte County Birds Sick from Red Tide Toxin

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