Chauvin’s alternative jury Lisa Kristensen upholds conviction in George Floyd’s murder trial

Another jury in the Minneapolis-Derek Chauvin trial said he had agreed to a jury’s decision to convict George Floyd of his death, considering Chauvin as the leader of police on the scene, and Floyd was in danger so.

“I felt he was guilty,” Lisa Kristensen said in “CBS This Morning” in a story aired Thursday. “I didn’t know if it would be guilty in all respects, but I would have said it was guilty.”

Christensen was one of two agents dismissed by Judge Peter Cahill after closing arguments on Monday. The remaining 12 juries unanimously voted on Tuesday, convicting Shovin of two murders, three murders, and two manslaughter charges. The identities of the jury and agents are protected under the order of the judge, and Kristensen first made a public statement.

Chauvin, 45, was by far the best officer on the scene. Prosecutors said Floyd had fixed Floyd on the pavement outside Cup Foods, which was accused of passing a counterfeit $ 20 bill for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. The other three police officers will be tried in August since they were fired.

“I felt he was the leader and the other officers were following his lead,” Kristensen said. “I felt like he wasn’t taking the warning seriously. It was like,’I know what I’m doing.'”

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Christensen explained Chauvin’s impression.

“Every time I looked up, he was right for my vision,” she said. “So we locked our eyes many times, and I was pretty uncomfortable.”

Prosecutors have played a wide range of videos for the jury, including videos of teenager Darnera Frazier’s bystanders seen around the world in the hours following Floyd’s death. The video and the policeman’s body camera video capture Chauvin and other policemen screaming to get off Floyd, warning them that they are blocking his breathing, and checking their pulse. I asked.

Dr. Martin Tobin, one of the medical experts, said the prosecutor felt that he had “a very good and powerful discussion” and gave testimony about how Floyd’s breathing was blocked by restraint. He said he acknowledged his achievements.

“Dr. Tobin was the one who really did it for me. He explained everything to me, I understood it, until he said,” This is he he. It was the moment when I lost my life. ” It really arrived at me. “

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Christensen was critical of the defense, and lawyer Eric Nelson said, “Initially, I promised too much and didn’t do what he was trying to do.”

Nelson claimed that Floyd died of drug use and heart problems. He also claimed that the video was deceptive, Chauvin’s knee was not on Floyd’s neck, as the prosecutor said, and the autopsy found no evidence of damage to his neck. And he sought to portray the bystanders involved as a distracting and threatening crowd of police officers.

Nelson hasn’t commented since the verdict and didn’t immediately respond to Thursday’s message.

Christensen praised Frazier for shooting the video and said he didn’t think the case would be possible without it.

“I don’t understand how it died from a counterfeit $ 20 bill,” she said. “I’m a little shocked”

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Chauvin’s alternative jury Lisa Kristensen upholds conviction in George Floyd’s murder trial

Source link Chauvin’s alternative jury Lisa Kristensen upholds conviction in George Floyd’s murder trial

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